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T.rental year and a creative and digital vision of the reality we have been living for a year now: Benedetta Maione It is a graphical designer And content creation. S.u Instagram his digital collages, which he skillfully blends into Naplesthat fashion no cartoons they are followed by twenty-four thousand people.

We asked her how they fit together need for communication and creativity.

How did you start sharing your content?
I have always been jealous of my work. I did not like to share them. During the first lockdown last year I felt like everyone was really alone, even if it is in company. Far from my habits, far from the usual life. My refuge at the time was my job. And just then, I decided to share my mood every day, which I have never been good at expressing with gestures or words, but which I did well with my artwork. Day after day, the works went “viral”they also became a caress or a comforting word to others.

What’s your favorite content you’ve ever made?
It’s like choosing one of your kids, There’s no favorite job, everyone reminds me of something. During the lockdown, I published a work every day, and if I now look at them after months, I can perceive the sensations I felt during that period. But if I had to choose, the first in Naples. Disney characters on the streets of Naples. Disney’s choices (which I love a lot) are associated with lockdown

I found myself in a whole new situation, far from my loved ones, far from my places in my heart, where I was very bored, neither in books, nor in music, nor in any movies. In the difficult moment I let myself be lulled by the cartoon fantasy, I dreamed and I wanted to make others dream. We were all enclosed in the house and wanted the sea, to see a sunset or a simple panorama that was not blocked by the buildings. Who does not dream of watching a Disney cartoon? I have decided to put them in my places in the heart, and Naples. One of the reasons I became a graphic designer was precisely the desire to draw cartoons. Then, however, I met the fashion world and I decided to follow this path, life is a continuous development.

What inspires you?
The detail inspires me, one detail is enough, during the day, to attract my attention and give me the daily input. I’ve never been a lover of great things, I find the little ones much sharper. I think my peculiarity is precisely that I do not have a single aesthetic reference, I am quite versatile. One day I will be affected by streetwearone day from Japanese cultureone day from Miuccia Prada. Therefore, I do not think I have a well-defined style and it allows me to experiment as I want. If you put yourself in front of 10 of my works, I’m sure you would think they were made by different people, not all from the same Benedetta Maione.

What was your education and professional path?
My path is quite extravagant. I graduated from Classic High School and after high school I enrolled in the faculty for Law. A few exams from the finish line, to various personal and family events, I choose to interrupt my studies and take a sabbatical. I start making PR in nightclubs and I decide to subscribeIlas, Naples Higher Institute of Communication, where I study Graphic Design, Web Design and Social Media Marketing. I start working for one local clothing brandfor 3 years until you decide to take min freelance adventure.

What are the doctrines that you use most often in your work?
There patience and sacrifice. Some people consider freelance as a daydream, they think you can go to the beach whenever you want, wake up late and so on … but that’s not quite the case. I spend most of my time working, but you know what they say “love what you do and you will not work one day“.

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What advice would you give to those who have just started a career as a graphic designer and want to find a creative outlet?
Not to give up. It took me almost a degree in law to understand what the road was, and still today I have “no” days. To believe itit’s a job that needs young people, young minds. And to fightbecause no one gives anything away, but it’s worth it, because in the end the satisfaction comes.


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