A new way of understanding culture

Some of you may remember the flooded “States General of Culture” that was held until some time ago. We took this as our starting point to build its opposite, based on the real developments that are taking place in a sensational way precisely in the broader sphere of work linked to the various expressive languages. To try to better understand what is happening around this quantum change in Italy (and not in the usual California), who are the actors involved, some of the most significant involve what the perspectives and developments may be in the short term. Only real examples and stories, no theory. At the center is the central system created in 2008-2009 for digital security in private transactions: the well-known blockchain. Therefore “Create with Blockchain. Decentralized states in the economy and digital culture”, conceived and produced by Business International / Fiera Milano with NERO Edizioni, which takes place in two parts: the first Wednesday afternoon -11 May- from 14.00 onwards the second, for a full day, September 29. Both at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, partner in the initiative and in the process – for understandable reasons – of opening a permanent observatory on this galaxy, a galaxy that, like an astral configuration, consists of 5 main points: the blockchain, the cryptocurrencies, the inevitable Nft (tool to be revised, not so much as a market object, but for the preservation of the intangible or in any case of “objects” non-visual), the so-called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO, hence the subtitle of the summit, which suggests an approach contrary to the past, namely a pyramid vision for the creative economy) and of course the now abused and widely promised metav ers / multiverse / pluriverse, etc., must be understood in a more relaxed way and already practiced as a digital environment in parallel with the physical, in which people interact, ie what has happened in games for more than a decade through the choice of “characters” to shop and places / buildings to be built.
Do not get dizzy, please.

What we will try to understand are the forms through which many cultural actors work in full autonomy through methods of sharing their work or their area of ​​interest (we are therefore talking about community, and this is perhaps the sixth true pillar of the galaxy. Outlined here ) and by using digital and equally decentralized forms of payment / support, which guarantees total autonomy from large companies or large institutions. Jacques Attali wrote decades ago in one of his essays (“Noise”) that the economy of music always foresaw the general that would soon arrive. The same thing happens with these forms / actions, which precede the new configurations that economic or financial operations (already in place in this case) will take in the short term. We will therefore not deal with “culture” this Wednesday. But of a tectonic shift that will gradually involve everything, including a slice of the thousands of companies, small and medium-sized, that make up the skeleton of the national economy, to be ready (with the design and fashion sectors for some time in the tip, on this). In addition to Massimiliano Tarantino – director of the Feltrinelli Foundation – and Lorenzo Gigotti of Nero Edizioni (who for years has excelled in the precision with which he observes the overall transformation of life that takes place), there will be guests such as: Gianluca Comandini from a on the other hand and Valentina Tanni on the other, both academics of the subject who will clearly tell the state of affairs; the director of the Haus der Kunst in Munich, Andrea Lissoni, who completely changed the sense of the shady institution he heads, and opened up for exploration of, for example, the DAOs themselves with an event such as “Radical Friends; the architect and founder of 2050+ think tank Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, who will connect with Vova, a Russian intellectual in exile in Bratislava, who will tell how the game “Criminal Russia” is currently being used to exchange unfiltered information between Russian exiles and Ukrainians. Manetas, who “saw” the meta-verse already 25 years ago and practiced forms of digital star at the same time, will tell about how he through the lawyer Massimo Sterpi – also present – tries to arrive at the protection of pure ideas; the great cyberpunk writer Bruce Sterling will talk about how his expectant view of things – already in the late eighties, which has now become a reality – can give ha m opportunity to outline the coming years. These are some of the actors who will discuss to arrive at a photograph of the present. And it’s just as much the recent collapse in the value of NFT and crypto that took place in the last few weeks. It is the contemporary network of activity construction and parallel value creation that shapes the case in the field. And tell me if it’s small.

Director of Business International, Events & Education, Fiera Milano SpA

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