A new renaissance of jewelry, Laura Inghirami’s art

Laura Inghirami She is a young entrepreneur who passionately brings the goldsmith craft industry made in Italy all over the world, thanks to her work as an influencer, but not only. Born in Sansepolcro, in 2017 she founded Jewel woman, with the aim of telling the “beauty” of the world of jewelry, from the great craftsmen to the new emerging talents. Forbes Italia has nominated her this year as one of the hundreds of young Italians under 30 in the Art & Style category for the year 2022. One of its biggest goals: to bring young people closer to the world of crafts, and first and foremost to reconstruct it. poetic and identity significance that this sector has, and which unfortunately will be lost over the years. Laura Inghirami therefore creates a current of resistance to this kind of decay by bringing hidden jewelers and skilled craftsmen to light, with wonder and passion, and becomes an advocate for not only an Italian pride to be taken as a model, but a real intention for community . between the ancient world and the new world.

In a recent interview, you stated: “My goal is to give voice to artisans and put them back in the center, because only through them will we be active spectators of a new renaissance” What do you mean by new renaissance?
“The Renaissance was a magnificent historical period in which our civilization reached the pinnacle of cultural splendor. Art reached unique levels of mastery and creativity in the Renaissance. It is interesting to dwell on the profession as a craftsman and artist in this historical period: this figure represented the backbone If the work of the hands in the classical age was considered humble, the artist in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was re-evaluated and became a very noble figure with great wisdom.Characters like Leonardo da Vinci and Benvenuto Cellini have been examples of expertise in this sense Today, we need to put the craft back at the center and strengthen its skills, abilities and cultural value for our country as in the Renaissance. Only in this way could we witness a new renaissance, marked by the values ​​of rebirth and love for our At that time, even the new generations, who are very often attracted more by a university education, will than the craft, begin to understand its value and possibilities. “

How did you approach the world of jewelry? Tell us about the first memory you have inside a jewelry store or in contact with jewelers and artisans.
“The first memory in jewelry and in contact with jewelers goes back to that with my grandparents, who were jewelers for three generations. I spent my childhood with them in their jewelery workshop in Tuscany and inherited their passion. Today, my mother carries on the family tradition, and the jewelery where I grew up is still in the heart of Sansepolcro, in Via XX Settembre 100A, it has existed since 1924 and is the oldest in the city ».

How was Donna Jewel born?
Jewel woman was born out of the desire to give voice to the stories of excellence in our sector, from artisans to new talents to the great Maisons. The startup was born on the university benches. After an academic career in Management and International Business in Italy at Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, in the United States and in France, I felt the desire to deepen the most creative part of the sector. So I attended the Advanced Training Course in Jewelery Design at Milano Polytechnic. And this is where the spark was born. In fact, my class consisted of artists and artisans with great artistic skills, but who needed support to convey their history and their creations. So I felt the desire to present these beautiful stories to the world by giving them a voice using digital and especially Instagram, a real window to the world. I had other business experiences to deepen my knowledge of the jewelry sector, and then dedicate myself entirely to Donna Jewel, which today is an innovative reality consisting of a team of young experts, where we offer consulting services to jewelry companies in the digital, marketing and creative fields, and in addition to this we continue to give voice to the excellence of the sector ».

What can this sector for artisans offer young people?
«It can offer a lot, both from a professional point of view (there are many wishes for young people specializing in the subjects such as jeweler, cashier, cleaning assistant) and from a personal point of view. We are talking about an arts and culture sector. Of a work done with hands, mind and heart. From a recent statistic compiled by Altagamma between now and 2025, more than 346 thousand professionals specializing in the manufacturing sector from fashion to design to the food sector will be missing. The jewelry sector is also part of this dramatic figure, but we must not be deterred, yes, we must give value to the craftsman’s figure by putting it back in the center, educating the new generations, guiding young people in 360 degrees this year of formation , where they begin to make the first professional decisions and make them understand that becoming a specialized professional is different from becoming a candidate, but that both paths are equally important; giving young people the opportunity to understand the real possibilities of this work, as well as its real development, has today become an urgent need ».

Tell us about the VIVI ORO project, for which you have become a witness and spokesperson, what does it mean for you and what opportunities does it offer for the sector you represent?
“VIVI ORO is a project born out of the will of the entrepreneurs of the Arezzo jewelery district, in particular Confindustria Toscana Sud, Confartigianato Arezzo and CNA Arezzo and their respective presidents Giordania Giordini, Mauro Benvenuto and Luca Parrini, to create a system in collaboration with the Arezzo Chamber of Commerce Siena , to create a collective brand that includes all the best jewelery producers in the Italian territory under a single name.It’s a project that I felt mine from the very first moment, after growing up in the district and sharing the vision of creating a system and improve our jewelers in Italy and in the world.If companies are able to believe in the vision of VIVI ORO, it will increasingly become a strong Made In Italy brand to be spread in Italy and abroad, and which will represent Italian jeweler excellence.My commitment is to spread this name and these values ​​in Italy and also abroad, as well as to bring new generations closer on gold, a precious metal that has a centuries-old tradition and was already considered a sacred material by ancient Egyptians. for its robustness, but also for the color that referred to the sun.

Info: www.donnajewel.com

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