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Large botanical flower gardens, adorned with wrought iron furniture, with colorful upholstered pillows. Bedrooms with canopies, shiny tile bathrooms, living rooms with hand-painted panels and wallpaper. One of the most interesting aspects of renting or buying a new property is the choice of interior design. Social media, in this case, acts as an endless catalog of numerous inspirations. From interior designers ‘profiles to specialized brands and magazines’ profiles, pages focusing on repairs of extraordinary interiors and unique interior design ideas, here’s the selection of the six profiles you can follow whose interior design is one of your favorite pursuits. currently.

The inspirations are numerous, ranging from minimal furniture up to richer and more elaborate styles. Often accompanied by suggestions and direct links to shop now and to purchase unique items to decorate your home environments, interior design Instagram pages can amaze, intrigue and encourage a renewal of space.

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6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: Der Rosee Sa

An architectural firm based in London, Lisbon and Brussels. From whole home environments to commercials, The Rosee Sa feed is a collection of inspirations for any kind of inclination. Soft colors alternate with more flamboyant color palettes and make the selection quite special.


6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: Nicolò Castellini Baldissera

An Italian interior designer with a passion for eclectic spaces, shapes and colors, travel and beauty. Nicolò Castellini Baldissera offers on her Instagram profile a magnificent tour of sublime palaces, flower gardens, frescoes and colorful rugs. An invitation to see and be fascinated by color combinations, antique furniture, exotic destinations.


6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: JHID Interior Design

With respect for the original architecture in each environment, Jessica Helgerson’s studio treats the interior with care. The result of his works is a set of playful and elegant interiors, studied down to the smallest detail. From architects to artisans, the American interior designer studio offers international advice that always combines the client’s wishes with the experience through many years of work.


6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: Interior veneer

Not a specific studio but a site made for all those who love to find inspiration for interior design in their spare time. Here the rule is one: the favorite palette is the one that glides on neutral tones. Terracotta, light marble, natural resin. It is forbidden to be bored.


6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: Tilton Fenwick

Fabrics, rugs, wallpaper. Tilton Fenwick signs many of them each year, offering them in many different environments. There are Victorian houses, modern ceilings, rooms decorated with taste and craftsmanship, to surprise the eyes, relax in every sense.


6 accounts for interior design enthusiasts: Entrance Brokerage

Scandinavian style: the studio from Gothenburg, Sweden, has a large following on social media. Thanks to the impeccably furnished interior, with balanced light and airy environments enriched with colors, special and rich elements that create curiosity.

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