10 baby products you should never buy

There are some unsuitable products to children and gods products that should not be purchased because they are dangerous or not useful. Before becoming a parent, especially in the case of a first pregnancy, it often happens to take a virtual tour of specialized sites or blogs from which one can learn what products are needed for your future baby. Maybe there are a few weeks left and the time to shop is running out and you are buying products based on advice from other more experienced parents.

Still, it is undeniable that there are products that are often recommended by advertisements or by other parents, which all in all (after a few months in some cases) have been little used and therefore are not very useful. Let’s not forget that babies need a little, especially not another walker – which pediatricians do not recommend – or another pacifier.

Many products are also not recommended, due to the cost or above all for the sake of the child’s safety. In some cases, the products are withdrawn, but it is good to know that this only happens after several more or less serious reports, such as suspicious deaths. Does it make sense to take risks? Absolutely not.

In this list you will find not only useless products because they are expensive or little used, but also the products that are not recommended or that should never be bought because they are dangerous.

10 products not to buy: sleeping beds

The first piece of advice that the products should not be bought could only be the dangerous ones. Some are not easy to find and often not to be found in stores, but you may well understand that you have given them away for an online purchase or for a used gift. Among these in sleeping beds, which in many cases has been withdrawn due to the risk of suffocation. These are not all cribs, but some softer models, such as bouncers of Fisher-Price Yup. In the United States alone, 5 million of these products have been withdrawn due to 32 suspicious deaths.

10 products must not be bought: breastfeeding and sleeping pillows

Another product that one should not buy is them soft pillows for breastfeeding. They can actually be very comfortable when breastfeeding, when the parent can monitor the situation, less if used for sleep. Also in this case, it is the risk of suffocation that deters the purchase. One brand appears to have caused 8 infant deaths: Boppy deck chair.

10 products not to buy: bumpers and sheets for cots

It’s not that hard to imagine, but there free linen and soft can cause suffocation in babies under 12-18 months. According to Center for Disease Controlalmost 40% of parents use them, but this recommends using more stable surfaces, without blankets, pillows, soft toys and other risky products.

THAT bumper they work the same way: if they are too soft, they can be risky, while if they are too stiff, they do not make sense as a bumper. In short, an avoided purchase from several points of view.

10 products not to buy: curtains for cribs

The tendine for cots they can be very useful, especially in the summer season, with the risk of mosquitoes. At the same time, it must be taken into account that there is a possibility that this falls on the baby in the cradle or playpen. It is not as dangerous as the products mentioned above, but it can still be risky due to the presence of metal or heavy objects that keep it pulled over the cradle.

10 products not to buy: baby shoes

None of the products mentioned here are really indispensable or useless, but above all, everyone can choose to buy what they prefer, but for a maternity leave without using the budget, you can exclude the purchase of baby shoes. They do not work, they slip off easily, and they are also quite expensive.

10 products not to buy: clean napkins and bottle warmers

There are many high-tech and technological accessories that seem essential, but which are not. E.g electric towel cleaner, which is apparently very useful, but can hide pitfalls. For example, the humid environment can cause the birth of fungi or the spread of bacteria.

Similar speech for it bottle warmerwhich can be easily replaced with a bain-marie pot or microwave.

10 products not to buy: walkers and walking aids

The classic “walkers”, ie walking chairs for children they are sold and seen in the hundreds. Often at home they have more than one because they are cheap, colorful and they are very popular as gifts. However, according to the new safety precautions introduced by pediatricians, they are not only necessary but they can also be dangerous because they cause falls and more or less serious injuries.

10 products not to buy: too many clothes or beach towels

Dressing children is perhaps one of the favorite activities of parents and relatives. A closet filled with small pieces of clothing is beautiful but useless. I know, it’s not something you want to hear, but children grow up fast and such dresses so sweet that they soon end up being given to others. Better to buy a few, but good, only for adult shopping.

10 products not to buy: changing table

Another accessory that is believed to be indispensable is changing table. The comfort is undeniable, especially if it is equipped with drawers and various objects, but once the period of use has passed, it is a piece of furniture that hardly matches the rest of the house. If you want to avoid buying, you can use other methods, such as using the bed or a table with a suitable washable mattress.

10 products not to buy: scales

The last point is the most optional. There balance it may be necessary in some specific cases, but in many others it may be completely useless to monitor your baby’s daily weight. After all, during the follow-up visit to the pediatrician, the baby is weighed and the progress and interesting data are noted.

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