Zelensky accuses: “5 thousand children deported from Mariupol to Russia”

Russian forces have entered the city of Kreminna in the Lugansk region (east): the head of Lugansk’s regional military administration, Sergiy Gaidai, has made it known on Facebook, according to UNIAN. “The Russians have entered Kreminna. Street fighting has begun. Evacuation is impossible,” Gaidai wrote, adding that bombings of the city became more frequent last night and that the city’s Olympic sports complex was also hit. . Russian soldiers opened fire on a car made up of civilians trying to escape from Kreminna. There would be four dead and one wounded.

About 5,000 children have been “deported” from the Mariupol region to Russia since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Vlodoyr Zelensky said in an interview with CNN aired yesterday.
“About 5,000 children were deported from this region to Russia because they were not allowed to go to Ukraine,” Zelensky said in the interview.
They “children. Where are they? No one knows.”

Russia would prepare a major offensive in eastern Ukraine, which will be launched shortly, said the Ukrainian president, who has returned to ask the West for weapons, defining any delay in supplies as a “permission for Russia to kill “his own people. “Russian troops are preparing for an offensive operation in the eastern part of our country. Which will begin in the near future,” Zelensky said in his latest video message. “They literally want to destroy and put an end to Donbass – added the Ukrainian president – while destroying Mariupol, they also want to destroy other cities and communities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.” And in the last few hours, Luhansk authorities have called on residents to evacuate the southeastern region immediately. “Next week could be difficult. It may be the last time we still have a chance to save you,” said Regional Chief of Staff Sergei Gaidai.

Meanwhile, the situation in Mariupol is more and more critical. An adviser to the mayor of the besieged port city, Petro Andriushchenko, said Russian forces announced that Mariupol would be locked in and out and that men remaining in the city would be “checked” to be “moved”. A human rights group in Crimea also condemned the Russians forcibly forcing about 150 children, 100 of them hospitalized, away from Mariupol to take them “to the occupied Donetsk and Russian Taganrog”.
To oppose all this, Ukraine needs other weapons, Zelensky repeats. “We are doing everything we can to secure the defense,” the Ukrainian president said in his latest video message. “We are grateful to those who really help with everything they can. “in their supply. he must know that the fate of this battle also depends on him. The fate of the people who can be saved. Any delay in arms, any political delay is a permission for Russia to take the lives of Ukrainians”, whipped the West .
“The democratic world – Zelensky continues – must respond to what the occupying power is doing in the southern part of our state, in the Kherson and Zaporizhya regions. Torture centers are being built, local authorities and anyone considered visible to the local communities are Teachers are blackmailed, pension money is stolen, humanitarian aid is blocked and people are starving.
The occupying forces are also trying to split on the example of the so-called separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhanks, by transferring this territory to the ruble zone and subordinating it to the Russian administrative machine “.

Six civilians were killed and another eight wounded, including a child, in a missile strike by Russian forces on Lviv in western Ukraine. This was reported by the regional governor, Maksym Kozytsky, as reported by Ukraine 24. A child was killed in the bombing in Lviv, among the six victims. This was reported by Regional Governor Maksym Kozytsky, quoted by the BBC.

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