War in Ukraine, live – Kiev: “Bomb at a school in Lugansk, 60 people missing under the rubble. Sirens everywhere”

Kuleba’s appeal: “A special court on Russian crimes”

“We need one special court for the crime aggression against Ukraine to hold the Russian leadership accountable. Yesterday I spoke at the first international conference on this issue in Vilnius. Thanks to the organizers and I repeat my appeal to support the creation of the court “. It writes the Ukrainian Foreign Minister on Twitter Dmytro Kuleba. The text of the appeal establishing the special court and the draft declaration prepared by the working group were approved by the Kiev Ministry of Foreign Affairs and signed by dozens of lawyers. In early March, the International Criminal Court, at the request of 39 countries, announced the opening of a war crimes investigation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Zelensky: “Russia, like the Nazis, killed 20,000 people in two months. He does not want to escape responsibility.”

Russia fanatically imitates the Nazi regime and reproduces its details in a manic way: this is what the Ukrainian president said today, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video published on Telegram on the occasion of Remembrance and Atonement Day. “During the two years of occupation, the Nazis killed 10,000 civilians there. After two months of occupation, Russia killed 20,000 people“In Ukraine, the Ukrainian president calls in the black-and-white video. “A bloody reconstruction of Nazism was organized in Ukraine. A fanatical repetition of this regime: of its ideas, actions, words and symbols. A detailed, manic rendering of his atrocities and an ‘alibi’ that allegedly serves a wicked holy purpose. “A repeat of his crimes and even attempts to overcome the ‘master’ and remove him from the pedestal of the greatest evil in human history. This sets a new world record for xenophobia, hatred, racism and the number of victims they can cause,” continued Zelensky. .

It is still:”The truth will win and we will overcome everything“Of Hitler’s piles near Vinnytsia” are a few stones left. Ruins. The ruins of a person who considered himself great and invincible. This is a guide for all of us and for future generations. Our ancestors fought for this and proved it no wicked one can escape responsibility. He is unable to hide in the bunker. Not a stone is left. So we will overcome everything. And we know for sure, because our army and our entire people are descended from those who overcame Nazism, so they will do it again. And there will be peace again, ”Zelensky concluded.

Guerini: “The possibility of genuine peace talks remains”

“Our minds and our hearts are turned to Ukraine, to the sufferings of Ukraine”: so it said Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini on the sidelines of the Alpini National Assembly in Rimini. “A great message of hope wants to start here today – he added – because back to peace, back to the possibility of real negotiationsThe parade, which the same minister attended, Guerini concluded, is a “wonderful opportunity to find ourselves all together, to celebrate the values ​​of our country and to turn our hearts and minds towards peace”.

Kiev: “225 children killed since the beginning of the war”

I am at least 225 children killed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, while 413 others were injured. This was reported by the Attorney General’s office on Telegram, quoted by Ukrinform, and stressed that these figures are not definitive as the recovery of the victims is hampered in the areas of Russian hostilities. Most of the children were affected in Donetsk, Kiev, Kharkiv, Chernihiv regions.

Kiev: “Attack on school is a brutal war crime by Russia”

The Kiev Foreign Ministry “strongly condemned” the Russian air strike on a school in the village of Bilohorivka in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, calling it “a brutal war crime that Russia committed itself, on the eve of Memorial Day and the Atonement, to constantly repeating the tragedy of World War II ”. That’s what the ministry said in a Twitter post.

Russian raid destroys a building in Shypylivka, 11 people in the rubble

There are eleven people left trapped under the rubble in Shypylivka in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, where a two-story residential building was destroyed in a Russian air strike. This was announced by Regional Governor Serhii Haidai and explained that there are currently no confirmed victims of the night bombing.

The Russians conquer the Shandrygolov suburb of Donetsk

The Russian army, advancing in the direction of Lyman, has conquered the northern outskirts of Shandrygolov, in the Donetsk region. This was announced by the Kiev General Staff in the morning report, quoted by the Ukrainian media. In the direction of Mariupol – the report states – Moscow units continue to block Ukrainian fighter jets near the Azovstal plant, and continue the attack with the support of artillery and tank fire. In the Slobozhansky quadrant in the northeast, the Russians are trying to block the advance of Ukrainian troops towards the border north and northeast of Kharkiv.

The head of Chechnya announces the conquest of Popasna, Kiev rejects

The head of Chechnya – Ramzan Kadyrov, very loyal to Vladimir Putin – announced today that most of the Ukrainian city of Popasna is in the hands of its soldiers, but Ukrainian officials say the fight to defend the city in the eastern part of the country continues. The reports regarding Guardian: “The Chechen special forces have taken control of most of Popasna,” Kadyrov wrote on Telegram today. “The main streets and central districts of the country have been completely cleared,” he added. At the moment, Kiev has not made any comments, but last night Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that fierce fighting continued in the city. “A battle for Popasna is underway“Arestovych pointed out in a video posted on social media.” The Russian propagandists happily reported that they had already received it, but that is not entirely the case. It is the 117th time this week that they claim that have ‘captured Popasna’ ”.

Mattarella: “Brutal war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine”

“These days, marked by violence and brutality of the war triggered by the Russian Federation in the territories of Ukraine, we can not help but remember especially the Italian soldiers who were victims of World War II. In their memory, their sacrifice and all the fallen of our armed forces, ai feelings of peace which painfully matures in that conflict, and which has given us back a Europe free of wars for over half a century, we dedicate this day together with the most intense wishes for the success of the event ”. This is how the President of the Republic writes Sergio Mattarella in the message sent to the president of the National Alpine Association, Sebastiano Favero, on the occasion of the 9th National Collection of Black Feathers.

Zelensky: “More than 300 civilians evacuated from Azovstal steelworks”

More than 300 civilians have been rescued since the evacuationAzovstal steelworks. This was announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyin a message to the nation quoted by Cnn“I am grateful to the teams of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations for helping us complete the first phase of the evacuation mission,” he said. More than 300 people were rescued, women and children ”.

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