War in Ukraine, direct – Scholz: “We will not make any decisions that will lead NATO to war”. Lugansk, Russian raids on a school hostel

Scholz: “It is notorious for comparing war and struggle against Nazism”

Vladimir Putin compares his “barbaric war even with the struggle against National Socialism”, “this is a false historian and it is infamous”. This is what German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in his speech to the nation on television. “It is our duty to say it clearly,” he added

G7, new sanctions against Putin and their families

“We want to continue and strengthen our campaign against financial elites no members of their families who supports the President Putin in its war effort and waste of the resources of the Russian people. In agreement with our national authorities, we will impose sanctions on other persons ”. Thus the statement of the leaders of the G7.

Zelensky at the G7: “Remove the Russians from all over Ukraine”

Ukrainian President Zelensky stressed Ukraine’s firm determination protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity. He said Ukraine’s ultimate goal is to secure full withdrawal from Russian forces from all over the territory of Ukraine and guarantee its ability to protect itself in the future, thank the members of the G7 for their support ”. It can be read in the final statement from the G7 after the video conference summit.

Read: “On NATO Disinformation. Crimea? Kiev decides “

“It seems to me that a colossal work on disinformation is underway. Here is the answer from Stoltenberg to various European newspapers. Only with us has Crimea become ours, and NATO will decide. No, the Ukrainians who resist and die will decide. As it should be. “The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, wrote on twitter and posted the screenshot of the interview in question, which reads:” The illegal annexation of Crimea will never be accepted by NATO members. We will support Ukraine, “As long as President Putin continues this war, the Ukrainian government and people will, however, sovereignly decide on a possible peace solution.”

Kiev: “Attack on airport infrastructure”

“The enemy’s main effort has focused on destruction from airport infrastructure to prevent the actions of our aircraft, including i.a. Bayraktar drones“, Especially in eastern Ukraine and in the operational area of ​​the Black Sea. This was stated by the General Staff of Kiev in its latest bulletin on military operations, according to reports fromUkrainian Pravda

Scholz: “Putin will not win”

“I am deeply convinced: Putin will not win, Ukraine will resist. Freedom and security will win. As freedom and security triumphed 77 years ago against oppression, violence and dictatorship ”. It says the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in the speech to the nation that will be broadcast on television tonight, according to the text broadcast by the chancellery. “Making a contribution to this today means ‘never again'”, he added, quoting the famous words ‘nie wieder’, a mantra from Germany that does not want to relive the horrors of war and the Holocaust. “This is the legacy of May 8,” he concluded.

Scholz: “May 8 like no other before”

“To me, it’s one May 8th like no one else before of now. That is why I turn to you ”. It says the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in the speech to the Nation, which will be broadcast on TV tonight, according to the text broadcast by the Chancellery. “Today, 77 years ago, World War II ended. The truce on May 8, 1945, was also a death knell over the pits of over 60 million women, men and children. Millions have fallen on the battlefield, millions have been murdered in cities, towns, in concentration and extermination camps. The Germans have caused these crimes against humanity ”. “And that is why it is all the more painful to see how violence today, 77 years after the end of World War II, is once again violating the law in the heart of Europe. And likeRussian army in Ukraine kills men, women and children“, he concludes.

US affairs officer returned to Kiev

The US Chargé d’affaires for Ukraine Kristina Kvien and his team returned to Kiev today. The US Embassy in the Ukrainian capital tweeted that. “Just arrived in Kiev! Glad to be back on Victory Day in Europe. Honor to Ukraine! “Is the quintessence. This is a step towards re-establishing the US diplomatic presence in Kiev following the expulsion of personnel outside the borders due to the war.

G7: “Putin’s actions are ‘a shame’ for Russia”

The actions of Putin in Ukraine represent “a disgrace“For Russia and for his people. It can be read in the statement regarding G7 after the video conference summit with Ukrainian leader Zelensky. The group of the Big 7 on Earth, gathered for a video conference also to celebrate the end of World War II, writes that Putin’s “war of unprovoked aggression” against Ukraine has brought “shame on Russia and its people’s historical victims. Russia has violated it rule-based international order, especially the UN Charter, which was devised after World War II to spare subsequent generations the scourge of war. “” We remain united in our determination so that Putin does not win the war in Ukraine. “

Scholz: “No lonely road, let’s continue with allies”

No lonely way for Germany. Whatever we do will be agreed in the closest way with our allies, in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic ”. It says the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in the speech to the Nation, which will be broadcast on TV tonight, according to the text broadcast by the Chancellery. “We will not take actions that harm us and our partners more than Russia,” the Chancellor also said.

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