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So many events that over the years have strengthened her talents as a woman, yes politician, but also dedicated to the development of her city. By next summer, he already has a booklet filled with important events in the making

Francesca Cerquozzi, delegate for culture with a respectable organizational curriculum, wrote a philosopher in her profile. She is educated in philosophy and also studied Masters in Management and Public Administration Policies as well as Masters in Political Leadership at the Luiss School of Government.
A curriculum vitae with a significant cultural gain. He is now a municipal councilor with responsibility for Culture. Shadows overlap his political-administrative future because there are too many rumors from recent times.

The introductory words of our dialogue

The recurring voice informs you that you have to put yourself in a corner because the PD and even your mayor have made their choice for the next administrative election. “This seems to me more a wish of an opponent who dreams of splitting us, rather than the representation of our majority. I assure you that we are all fully committed to continuing the work of improving our city. The Mayor , the council and we all continue to carry out the program presented to the voters, and honestly we are not working on the hassle of understanding who should be the mayoral candidate in the next future election ”.

The recurring point would like to have Assunta Parente as a candidate

In fact, it seems that the buttonholes, not just one, have made it known that Assunta Parente will be the chosen one of … Lord. Will you eventually be able to answer ‘here is your maid and do with me according to your will’? “Dear Egidio, Veroli’s administrative offices are still a long way off. There are two years left, and we have before us, both as an administration and as a democratic party, many goals that must be achieved before we start discussing them. I understand that imagining a “Knaprum” where everything is decided has its own iconic charm, but ours is a majority that has always made comparison and sharing of its most important prerogatives. I am sure that, as has always been the case so far, we will also be able to find the right path in the future. If there is the “Assuntina hypothesis”, with its enormous wealth of political and administrative experience, I will gladly support it; she is, after all, a woman and I will always cheer for a woman, serious and competent. And that is true in politics, as in many other areas. But I repeat again, we are two years old, and the debate about the future, I understand, can fascinate you more than me.

With Cerquozzi, culture has taken a qualitative leap

Culture has taken a qualitative leap with you. The culture you have often said is the source of the economy of our city. Not only Fasti, books with the usual “do ut des”, not just village parties, but the Philosophy Festival, which at first appeared as a ‘strange’ cultural novelty for Veroli, was a challenge won for you? “Veroli is a city that represents a cultural avant-garde for our province. Since I was entrusted with the cultural delegation, I have always tried my best to favor and enhance our beautiful country from a historical, artistic and cultural point of view. You said well: Culture must be the added value, the driving force of our economy. Especially with tourism. The Philosophy Festival was born this way. An initiative that we “invented” during the lockdown, primarily because we wanted to continue to create culture despite the many restrictions “.

Not just the Philosophy Festival

It did not succeed for you, not only thanks to the Philosophy Festival.
“It’s true! This is just one of the many events we organize in Veroli, also thanks to the different realities that work with our administration. I am thinking of the cultural association” Duecento22 Arti e Spettacolo “which in recent years has had great success with “Chiostro on stage”, by the Ubik Library in Frosinone which with “Incontriamoci a Veroli” is a basic piece this spring, for the association “All the colors of the book”, which for three years has organized “Festival for reported sports” in Veroli.But also your Verevent is always at the forefront of organizing important events, such as the now famous Veroli Memorial Award, where there are award-winning characters who have helped write pages of our country.These are just a few examples that the culture of Veroli is a challenge that has not only been won for the work of the administration, but also thanks to the commitment and passion of so many people who love Veroli ”.

Many characters have arrived in Veroli

Let’s go back to the Verolan summer with its festival, which made it possible to raise high-ranking philosophers, personalities, personalities and journalists in the Santa Salome location. First of all, the editor of Corriere della Sera. Do you want to propose the festival this year after the hardships of the pandemic? “Of course we will propose the festival again this year. We are not talking about names yet because we are closing the calendar, but I can assure you that it will be a festival at a high cultural level”.

The Klimt Excellence exhibition a real ‘gem’

Your last ‘gem’ that inaugurates the town hall with Klimt’s excellence. This is also a bet. won or lost? “Today we can say that it was a won challenge. According to some, the exhibition was also a risky project. An international event held in a medium-sized provincial town. Yet we have shown great organization, also thanks to the work and commitment of the Pro Loco guys, whom I will never stop thanking, to the offices and to the merchants in the historic center who were not caught unprepared. The exhibition, which was visited by about 7,000 people, received more than positive reviews. And above all, and that is what makes me and us most proud, everyone was enchanted by the beauty of the Palazzo Campanari. And this, Egidio, is only the beginning ”.

The Verolana summer is also enriched with three important events

Then there are three extra events that will bring Polivalente (the organizers hope) several spectators. Will these also be part of your summer booklet? “Of course, all events, both those arranged by the administration and those arranged by external associations, will be part of our summer calendar. I’m sure the events you’re talking about and that you work hard and personally for will bring a lot of people to Veroli, and of course we will be there. “

We are proud of it because your reflections are always super partes

One last joke: will we see Francesca Cerquozzi with the mayor’s belt, or is it just your dream?
“It’s a question, Egidio, that you constantly ask me, that I do not understand the motivation for, but I try to answer you honestly, hoping to clarify my position definitively. If you asked a footballer, regardless of category, if he ever dreamed of playing the Champions League final, all players would of course say yes.The question is whether I think this can happen in the near future, the answer is no.I think we should now each provide “our best to govern well, give answers, keep this alliance between bourgeois parties and parties together, think about expanding the field. The team must come before individual ambitions, for united we win and give answers to Verolans”.
As always, ‘my wife seems so kind and so honest’, a gift that is not easy to find in a … politician.

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