Turbo Golf Racing, the tried and tested

Here’s our proven Turbo Golf Racing, a kind of Rocket League clone that actually looks more like Nintendo games than Mario, from Kart and Golf Super Rush.

What happens when a game is very successful? Other titles inspired by it have been produced, both because the developers were inspired by the quality of the video game, and because by proposing something resembling a successful title, one can more easily access a large audience and therefore earn. Is it good? Is it bad?

You decide why Turbo Golf Racing it’s undeniably reminiscent of the Rocket League, but at the same time it mixes the approach to karting games like those from Mario & Co., with a hint – of course – of real-time golf.

Thanks to a beta phase provided by the developers, we had the opportunity try Turbo Golf Racing in a version that is certainly not final, but solid enough to give us an idea of ​​how interesting it is in this game.

On the starting line

Turbo Golf Racing asks us to bring a ball into the hole

We repeat it. Yup, Turbo Golf Racing is very reminiscent of the Rocket League and we’m sure it’s not just a coincidence. The graphic style, the toy cars, the big balls and also the controls and the feeling of the shocks with the ball seem to have been taken directly from the Psyonix game. However, there are various innovations.

First of all, in this game, the favorite sport is not football, but football golf. This is not a small difference because it completely changes the structure of the playing field, the dynamics and purposes of each game and above all changes the type of interaction with other players. But let’s take it one step at a time and start by seeing how a single hole works.

Each game requires you to bring your own ball last hole, i.e. a large gap illuminated by a colored jet, which also has an attractive effect and facilitates the insertion of the balloon. Since this is a real-time game, the win is obviously not a consequence of the number of strokes required to reach the hole, but only the time required. It is a timed race against the other players who will try to finish before us.

The hole in Turbo Golf Racing

The hole in Turbo Golf Racing

This means that we have to carry the ball with us, hit it as hard as possible to make it travel further in the air, but also make sure to hit in the right direction. Unlike Rocket League, where it is not a big problem to miss a shot, as the balls are always a few meters away and our allies are around us, in Turbo Golf Racing miss the shot it is a serious waste of time because no one will continue the game for us.

In the midst of all this, we must keep a minimum of considerations our opponents. You can not directly interfere with their game, as the ball and enemy machines are intangible, except with one tool: the rocket. In the style of karting games, there are power-ups around the track, for now rockets or charges for the turbo (which works exactly like the Rocket League). Rockets are the only way to hit an enemy and drop a second or two. It may seem like a small thing, but on average, a Turbo Golf Racing hole is very short. The shorter routes can take less than 30 seconds once you understand how to move, while the longer ones hardly exceed a minute. Each game is divided into three holes, and as a result, each multiplayer session takes a few minutes to complete.


Each car can use two upgrades in Turbo Golf Racing

Each car can use two upgrades in Turbo Golf Racing

Depending on our results in a race we get experience points and in-game currencies. The same is done by completing the classic weekly and seasonal missions, which in the beta phase were of the type “play a certain number of games”, “hit a number of enemies with missiles”, “come first in a hole” and so on. By going up to a level in Season Pass (free in the beta, we take for granted in the final version), you get cosmetic items for our machines, in-game currencies and upgrade cores.

The latter is another feature of Turbo Golf Racing. Unlike the Rocket League, where each car and each player can rely solely on their manual skills, in Turbo Golf Racing you can choose a maximum of two kernels that give bonus passive but also special active abilities. The very first thing that is unlocked is an increase in the speed of the turbo: in the first races against players who already had this boost, we immediately noticed that in the beginning we were immediately behind, which shows the extent of the boost. But there are even more useful skills, such as the ability to emit a wave of energy that pushes the ball: in our opinion, this is a remarkable force if used well, as it allows you to hit the ball even when we are bad located and therefore do not waste time maneuvering. Added to these are various other upgrades, some of which can be purchased with the base currency of the game, which can be easily obtained by playing.

The idea of ​​power-ups is interesting, but also potentially problematic. Assuming that none of these are made available for real money payment only (whether it is a direct purchase or through the paid version of Battle Pass), there is still a risk that the more regular players between the seasons will find themselves with powerful and useful cores while the new players, or even occasionally those who do not follow the competition side too much, find themselves in meeting opponents with tools that they can in no way procure. For the time being, it is of no use to stress too much on the question, but in the review phase it will be an element that we will probably have to take with us thorough considerations.

Single player and routes

The courses are never too long in Turbo Golf Racing

The courses are never too long in Turbo Golf Racing

So far we have only talked about multiplayer, but Turbo Golf Racing also offers another mode: singleplayer. It’s not a version of multiplayer played against AI, mind you, but of timed challenges with unique aesthetic rewards. In practice, the game suggests the different paths that we will find in the competition, and asks us to go to the hole within a maximum time.

Besides being a great addition that we did not take for granted at all, they are a great way for new players to gain some experience without being stressed by competition. In sigle player you can train on individual holesto understand its peculiarities and understand what is the best course of action to follow.

In Rocket League (sorry for the constant confrontation, but it comes easily) the fields only rarely offer important differences that change the way you play. In Turbo Golf Racing, the most important thing route structure. It is not an empty straight, but there are branches or even just areas of tall grass or sand that slow down, points where you get speed bonuses, flying circles that when the ball is hit, throw it in the right direction, but also ramps, climbs and not only. Our machine can also meet the “flights” with more safety thanks to wings that must be activated by the player to glide and overcome greater distances while chasing the ball.

For now, the many different routes are pleasant: it will be important to suggest something new on a regular basis, but it is a problem that we will have to analyze in the future. We also hope that between those game mode multi-hole versions are displayed. Three holes ensure a quick and enjoyable session, but with six or even nine holes, you may have time to recover if the first few holes see you defeated.

We also have a doubt, which the beta did not allow us to cut. The races place the players on a starting line, in a row: this means that the starting point is not the same for everyone, and depending on how the first piece of the course is composed, certain positions will have an advantage since a straight shot will be enough for already to be located on the rest of the route, while others must bypass the environmental obstacles immediately. Maybe since balls and machines can not touch each other, it would be more honest to get all players to start from the same place.

The truth is one: Turbo Golf Racing is by no means a 100% original product, but the final experience is far less Rocket League-like than you might think outside of the game. The beta made us understand that it is a game designed even more for those who want to play alone and do not want to be dependent on other players’ performance, but above all, the beta has left us with good feelings: the impression is that it’s simply a fun game to play. We’ll have to understand how the final version will evolve, how Battle Pass will be managed, and whether the system of upgrades risks creating imbalances, but at the moment it seems like this is a game to keep an eye on.


  • Rocket League feel, in a very different game structure
  • Fast and fun battles


  • What will post-launch support be like? And Battle Pass?
  • The upgrade system could be a double-edged sword

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