Troncarelli: Cultural village, removal of railway crossings and less bureaucracy in Viterbo

At the Salus Hall of Fame, former Mayor Giovanni Arena and Alessandra Troncarelli, candidate for mayor, presented the team of “Viterbo grows”.
Candidates Paola Bugiotti, Isabella Lotti, Elpidio Micci and Federico Blai, the youngest of all the lists. 32 candidates who participated in the “Viterbo grows” project gave their contribution with ideas and received approval from the present public.

Arena immediately emphasized “I do not want to go back to what happened and which led to the Viterbo people having to vote again ahead of time: We had pledged to the city, but it was not possible to continue to carry it out, and yet the work begun began to bear fruit.100 million, which is not bruscolini, comes to Viterbo for important works that will change the city and its suburbs, including the former municipalities.
To govern according to the schedule will be an obligation for those who will soon rule Viterbo ”.

Arena with a sharp polemic then stated: “We have worked and the results have been seen with the allocation of funds that are not gossip, instead of these days maybe someone will say, to please the citizens that the sea is also brought in Viterbo.

After the rude signatures of the notary, I could not help but look around and choose Alessandra Troncarelli, councilor of the Lazio region, and for 5 years municipal councilor in Viterbo, to think about solving all or part of the problems in the city and Viterbo . people. The loans to be managed are a response to the business community, which will cooperate in the development of the city, starting from Santa Barbara, from Poggino, from the historic center, from Bagnaia, where 2 million euros have been financed for the work. of the parking lot at the Cemetery and other “.

Arena then went on to thank Elpidio Micci for the work in Grotte Santo Stefano and in the villages. “I should have completed my experience as mayor in June 2023. Today, the most credible candidate for the political seat in the Papal City is Alessandra Troncarelli. We need to think of Viterbo as a European and spa town, an art city open to tourists. Until Twenty years ago, Viterbo had 200 hotel reception beds, now it has 2,000. It is necessary to utilize the financial resources set aside to create jobs ”.

Elpidio Micci explained the reasons why the Viterbo Cresce list was born, and returned to the serious gesture of those who overthrew the junta, emphasizing the fact that it no longer intends to form a coalition with those who have deterred them. “The traitors were others, not us. I hope the election campaign will be conducted with respect. ”

Isabella Lotti, who cast 500 votes in previous elections, said these elections represent a moral obligation to the city.

Paolo Savi head teacher Paola Bugiotti intervened and emphasized her commitment with all the cultural background she has behind her. “I want – he said – to put my experience at the service of others on the subject of disability above all, school help, school, school building. The future of the new generations goes through the school. Tourism and culture must be promoted nationally and internationally. Viterbo must also valued as a university city that promotes research ’.


Alessandra Troncarelli, excited, reiterated at the end of the meeting that the created team is not the Arena team, but a formation of willing and trained experts who must be loyal, united, cohesive, a team of do where the citizens will be protagonists, and who will certainly contribute to my election as mayor. I threw myself into the election campaign with body and soul, because I know the city well, I was councilor for the municipality, and I am regional councilor for social policy.

Troncarelli spoke, among other things, about Borgo della Cultura, which will have to see the light in the area of ​​the former hospital, not forgetting the redevelopment of the San Simone complex, where a center will be set up to help female victims of violence. “Removing the railway crossing in Piazzale Gramsci – he declared – is a necessity, not forgetting the obligation to help the weakest sections of the population”.

In conclusion, Alessandra Troncarelli stressed the need to improve the municipal administrative machinery in order to provide immediate and concrete answers to the citizens.

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