Trani, 5 million euros to the “Giovanni XXIII” school

TRANI – Nearly five million to demolish and rebuild Pope John XXIII kindergarten and primary school: now it is no longer a dream, but a candidacy approved by the government, the only one in the whole of Bat. The school was closed for a little over three years due to the risk of collapse, during all this time the school was abandoned and was literally shattered in all parts by someone who broke in to steal everything that could be recycled on the black market. Meanwhile, the adjoining caretaker’s house had long been squashed by a family. School activity continued in the new complex via Grecia, as far as the kindergarten is concerned, and in the private sector via Stendardi, as far as the primary school is concerned.

After finding that the building could not be restored, the municipality had recommended it to the funds in the national restoration and resilience plan with a feasibility study that assumed an expense of about 5 million to demolish it and build a new one.
Well, yesterday was the news that Pope John XXIII is among the 216 schools benefiting from the planned funding, which will fully cover the expenses without even needing a notice from the municipality.
A higher number than the 195 schools had originally predicted, thanks to an increase in funding, which brought the total allocation from 800 million to one billion and 189 million euros. And 42.4 percent of the funds went to the South, a percentage higher than the originally anticipated 40 percent, which grew thanks to the increase in resources.

“” Adventure does not teach children that dragons exist – comments the councilor with delegation to Pnrr for school building, Francesca Zitoili, referring to Chesterton -. Children are well aware that dragons exist. Fairy tales teach that dragons can be defeated ”. It is with this quote that we want to share with the whole city, especially with the little ones, the result for which we have worked so hard, quietly and without pause, as an administration headed by Mayor Amedeo Bottaro, as the Department of Education and Pnrr for the school building together with its offices and leaders and as an Italian left-wing party. Trani is not only the only city allowed in Bat, but it is the sixth in all of Puglia among the funded interventions. Pope John XXIII School now sees its reconstruction taking shape more and more in the service of a neighborhood from which we as a political class had the duty to return the garrison of education, legality, and sociocultural growth that had been stolen. from it. With a project worth exactly 4,939,128 euros, the new Papa Giovanni school will be able to count on a state-of-the-art building, equipped with digital infrastructures and teaching spaces that are safe and highly functional for teaching activities, with special regard to the environmental component also thanks to the presence of Educational gardens. It’s time to reap the benefits of sowing – concludes Zitoli – and get to work ».

The mayor, Amedeo Bottaro, simply adds that “our candidacy proposal, as it was accepted, prompted us to take the first, basic step of giving the neighborhood back its reference school. We are now waiting for the Ministry of Education to convene us to proceed with the determination of the loan grant agreement.
Unlike Pope John XXIII, De Bello plexus, former seat of the medium Orazio Palumbo, is again unused since 2015. Its conditions are less compromised than Pope John XXIII, but even here diagnostic tests will be needed to understand whether such a building can be restructured. or, on the contrary, its demolition and reconstruction must also be assessed in this case, taking into account that both were built in 1975.
Meanwhile, the discomfort of Pope John XXIII’s private families and the numerous protests and controversies in the first hour, after the closure on March 10, 2019, will now be mitigated by the impending construction of the new building, which precisely given the tight deadlines for PNRR, should see the light of day in the spring of 2026.

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