Tips for a very Peri home

For the first time in history Color of the year from Pantone (22 to be exact), the international guru of the Chromatic World has specifically created a new shadow to choose the protagonist of 2022 (here the special How we want to live). Called Very Pericoded 17-3938, and is a shade that resembles a periwinkle but is more dynamic as it is the result of a blue blend with a purple-red undertone. A color studied at the table because it will best reflect “the innovation and global transformation underway”, said Leatrice EisemanCEO of the Pantone Color Institute, who adds: “As the company continues to recognize color as a fundamental form of communication and a way of expressing, influencing and creating ideas and emotions, involvement and connection, the complexity of this new blue shade infused with red-violet highlights the limitless possibilities presented before us ».

Therefore, Very Peri evokes e.g. luminous touch screens to emphasize the growing influence of the virtual world and recall with energy and excitement (given by a pinch of red) the countless creative possibilities that the future between real life and digital reality can offer. U.S.. As usual, this year’s color is therefore the emblem of what is happening, and if last year with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating we wanted to launch a message of stability and hope, in 2022 we intend to respond to the climate of uncertainty and fear. caused by the pandemic that invites us to look at the world with different eyes and stimulates new solutions between digital and physical.

A design classic dresses Very Peri: it’s Polet, the armchair / bed designed in 1992 by Achille Castiglioni and re-edited by Twils

So we just have to find out how Very Peri becomes a chromatic inspiration for the fashion world, design and creativity in general. If this proposal in beauty and on the catwalks has an easy life, it is not so easy to add just this shade to the home, especially because the furniture is not like the wardrobe, which is quickly renewed. So it’s better not to go overboard like Monica Gellers Friends who had painted the walls and front door in a periwinkle resembling Pantone’s new 17-3938.

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, among the main characters Friends. In the famous living room of the apartment in the TV series, a color very reminiscent of Very Peri stands out

In reverse the best way to start introducing it is to do it in small steps. “It is a color to be dosed but which gives corners, furniture, wardrobes or kitchen tables a touch of originality », he comments Leonora Sartori, editor of Houzz Italia, the site specializing in furniture, design and renovation. How do professionals use it on your portal? “On small surfaces creates a surprising chromatic effect that breaks the minimal monotony of white or wood. So as an effort on walls or on furniture and accessories », the expert answers. Are there areas in the house that are more suitable for dressing this shade? “We suggest two places where it is particularly suitable, as it is there that it expresses its relaxing quality: in the bathroom and in the bedroom. In the kitchen and living room, on the other hand, it functions as a dream and magic element, but is also full of character ».

Pantone’s Color of the year 2022 as interpreted by Devon & Devon. According to Houzz experts, the bathroom is one of the areas in the house where one can be more daring with Very Peri

And the mistakes to avoid?
«Used on large surfaces
it is not often used by Italian professionals at Houzz, who prefer to use it as an energetic chromatic jolly or refreshing in small spaces or in bands on the walls. On the contrary, they recommend combinations with classic colors, for example those that are typical of the Scandinavian style or at least the minimal ones, then white, wood and in some cases even black ».

Very Peri should be offered in small doses even in the nursery. An example is the Queeboo Rabbit Baby chair (for sale on LoveTheSign)

FerreroLegno on its Plissè “breaks” the Very Peri color with an irregular decoration of horizontal stripes

Yes not all shades can match Very Peri. Matching and balancing colors well is not easy at all, but at the same time it is a practice that should not be underestimated, as the interactions we have with the environment, for example, can have a powerful effect on our mood (we have talked about this and her)). For those who want to venture more, consult the combinations researched by Pantone Color Institute which has developed useful palettes to recommend the best colors to associate with Very Peri (available here). It turns out that although a vibrant color can occur, it goes well with different palettes ranging from a more sophisticated look when combined with neutral tones, such as pigeon gray and beige, to a more sparkling look when close playful tones like fuchsia and the yellow. But it is also suitable for combining with green and all the shades inspired by nature, another dominant theme in 2022.

Pantone Color 2022 is not an easy shade to match. In order not to risk making mistakes, it is preferable to focus on accessories and interior design accessories. Like the Rainbow blown glass vase from the Westwing Collection, which interprets Very Peri, which still creates new effects, or the Pacifico rug from Illulian (bottom), which adds softness and warmth to the rooms

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