Thousands of children around the world DEVELOP MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children)

Since the global launch of covid vaccine injections, we have seen a large number of children hospitalized and die from this new condition.

The CDC reports that nearly 7,880 children have been hospitalized due to this serious and deadly disease, and the number around the world is increasing.
The WHO attributes this covid infection, but all of these symptoms are perfectly consistent with the side effects reported by Pfizer. (

MIS-C mainly affects the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes or gastrointestinal organs and can also cause serious neurological disorders.

“I just can not keep quiet about the things I observe and happen to hear, and while listening to them, I can not forget that I am a doctor. I can not understand how indifferent my other colleagues are.


After seeing the deaths that this serum causes, will you then also open the vaccination for infants?

PALERMO – An autopsy was ordered on the body of Caterina Todaro, 38, the woman in the eighth month of her pregnancy, found in a very serious condition at her husband’s home, via Antonio Vian, in Palermo. The examination will also be performed on the body of the little girl who yesterday gave birth to the doctors in Buccheri La Ferla with a caesarean section, but who died shortly after.

The 118 health workers who were called by the woman’s husband and arrived with the resuscitation apparatus had done everything to save her, but there was nothing to do. The examinations are carried out by carabinieri. According to an initial reconstruction, the death could have been caused by an illness. The woman was found unconscious in the house. (Bo Sicilien)

Luisa Lissandrin killed by a disease at the age of 48, found dead in her home in Bologna

MIRA – Found dead in home likely victim of one disease. The tragedy took place on April 29 in the house of Bologna where is it Luisa Lissandrin Marton, 48, lived for some time. The woman was originally from Aim and she was the daughter of Dr. Anna Marton and Sandro Lissandrin, who died a few years ago.

Following the discovery of the woman’s body in the house, Bologna’s judiciary has given the green light for the funeral, which will be celebrated tomorrow, Friday 6 May at 3 pm in the church of San Nicolò a Mira Taglio. The news of Luisa Lissandrin’s disappearance has greatly affected the community of Mira Taglio, where the family is well known. (The Messenger)

Vigodarzere, Maurizio Zannini affected by a disease at the age of 48

VIGODARZERE. Grief in the political and civilian world: after an illness accused on Saturday 2 May died Maurizio Zannini, 48, is employed. He leaves behind his wife Emanuela and two children. Zannini had first time in M5S along with his friend Emanuele Frison, who then followed in the political adventure with the bourgeois “It’s time to change”. “An extraordinary person,” Frison declares. “He lived for the benefit of his family and society. (Padua’s morning)

Accused of illness during a football match, it’s serious

Savona. Help mobilized tonight in Savona via Collodi, where the alarm went off during a football match between friends. According to what has been learned, one of the players on the field suddenly collapsed to the ground around 9.30pm, the victim of an illness. The comrades immediately alerted the emergency number: 118 health and automotive personnel intervened on the spot.

The medical staff immediately began resuscitation maneuvers according to the appropriate procedure and eventually managed to stabilize the patient for emergency transport to San Paolo Hospital in Savona, with red code. The man, a Savona, after the heart attack and cardiac arrest accused during one of the phases of the game, is now hospitalized at Savona Hospital: his condition is considered serious. (

Illness during half marathon: Kenyan athlete revived along the way

During the Giulietta & Romeo half marathon while running his own 18. kilometers and was located a few hundred meters from Piazza Bra, the Kenyan RM became ill: his teammates rescued him immediately, and the Suem health workers, who were stationed at several points along the route, immediately intervened.

Some resuscitation maneuvers were performed on site before transfer to the hospital where the athlete is now hospitalized. Her conditions are getting better: from his team they say that the disease may be caused by an allergic reaction. RM had already participated in the Giulietta & Romeo half marathon a few seasons ago. (Arena)

He gets sick while working, gets in the car and dies

Tragedy in the center of Cassino (Frosinone), where a construction worker engaged in the renovation of a building was hit by a serious illness that gave him no way out. The man, about fifty years old, as soon as he realized he had an illness, left the construction site and got into his car, via Madonna di Loreto.

Maybe he thought it was a short-lived malaise. Instead, the death occurred in a matter of moments, leaving colleagues and passers-by shocked. Police patrols from the Compagnia di Cassino and an Ares 118 ambulance arrived at the scene, but there was nothing more to do for the worker. (Frosinone today)


In just one year, and due to the mRNA alone, the same number of people who died in the previous 33 years of all the other pharmaceutical poisons in circulation combined were officially registered.mort-wax

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