The outpatient clinic’s transplant surgery “teaches” the international conference in Istanbul – SulPanaro

MODENA – The Transplant Surgery at the University Hospital of Modena, led by the Professor Fabrizio Di Benedetto again protagonist associated with The annual congress of the International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS), which took place from 4 to 7 May in Istanbul.

This is an event of great significance for the prestige of the scientific community and for the return to international scientific events present after the halt caused by the world pandemic, enabling comparison and exchange between the major surgical realities of the world. The Department of Oncology, Hepatobilopancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgery at Modena University Hospital produced several scientific articles presented at the congress.

Especially the professor Fabrizio Di Benedetto – Full Professor of General Surgery at UniMoRe and Director of Hepatobilopancreatic Cancer Surgery and Liver Transplant of AOU – was invited as an expert to hold a paper on the subject of the robot minimally invasive surgical approach to the treatment of complex tumors in the bile ducts of the liver.

In addition, Dr. Paolo Magistri, researcher at UniMoRe and surgeon in the department led by Professor Di Benedetto, awarded the “Young Investigator Award”, an important scientific recognition dedicated to young researchers under 40.

The award-winning work was precisely the comparison between traditional techniques and robotic techniques in surgical procedures for liver tumors in patients who were initially inoperable. The title of the assigned work is “Robotic vs. Open Associative Liver Partition and Portal Veneration for Staged Hepatectomy (ALPPS)”.

We are very proud of the result – explained the professor By Benedettothis is an important award which further confirms the goodness of the efforts of our center.

The experiences presented by Professor Di Benedetto and Dr. Magistri are based on innovative techniques in robotic liver surgery and are the result of a combined experience of over 1000 liver resections at AOU in Modena and around 300 robotic surgeries for liver diseases.

Thanks to the robot program, which has been active for 7 years thanks to the support of the Emilia-Romagna region, AOU in Modena can today offer patients who have access to it the most innovative treatments in the world that are able to lead patients who are initially inoperable, undergo radical surgical treatment due to the extent of the disease. With our study, we have shown that the robot approach makes it possible to reduce the risk of complications and mortality in these extremely sensitive cases, and to improve postoperative recovery by reducing the total hospital stay and on intensive care.”- the professor concluded By Benedetto.

We have always believed and invested in robotic surgery and precision medicine to improve the treatment of our patients. ” – commented the director general of AOU dr Claudio VagniniBy equipping the Polyclinic with the robot platform, we wanted to ensure that the treatment profile remained at the top and that young doctors could gain access to education in step with the times. The international recognition of this project makes us proud and pushes us to pursue our goal of continuous growth, to offer users the most modern treatments“.

It is very important that the work of the young researchers at our university is recognized and rewarded internationally. The production of scientific evidence to support the improvement of treatments and cures is essential for clinical research. Furthermore, internationalization is a very important process for the prestige of the university, and more and more doctors in training and international fellows are coming to Modena to learn the most modern surgical techniques, the most recent from Brazil, Singapore and Turkey, which testifies to the great work done by our university to make itself competitive at a supranational level”- was the comment from the rector of UniMoRe, the professor Carlo Adolfo Porro.

To date, the experience of the Policlinico di Modena on hepatic, biliary and pancreatic surgeries with a robotic approach has had over 370 interventions, thus reaching over 60% of the interventions performed with minimally invasive robot technology. These standards, at the highest international level, make the outpatient clinic a study destination for many specialists and doctors in training who come here to learn the use of new technologies for the treatment of liver tumors. – Newspaper registered by the Court of Modena on 20/2017

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