The free apps that allow you to decorate your home

You know there are so many free apps that allow you to decorate your home “Virtually”? These apps are perfect for anyone who has bought an apartment and would like to try it out by decorating the various rooms with furniture and accessories before making purchases that they may regret. But not only. That free app to decorate your home they are also comfortable for those who want planning a renovation and wants to “play” with the floor plans by arranging the different rooms directly with smartphone, tablet or PC. Let’s find out more!

Free Android or iOS apps to decorate your home

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With these free Android or iOS apps you can decorate or design your home in a completely virtual way, without moving furniture, repaint the walls or actually lay tiles or parquet. With a few clicks you can then see the results of your “creations” and continue, if the result satisfies you, to make the necessary changes.


Houzz is a free app for home decor with tons of pictures that allows users to do so decorate the bedroom and the other spaces in your home also through existing projects. The pictures are organized by style, room types and places to organize a restyling in comfort.


With Homestyler you can decorate your home for free thanks to augmented reality. The app is in Italian and allows you to delete the furniture in the picture to replace them with others and create the new decor based on new styles and trendsif you like the result, you can buy them directly through the application.


5D Planner allows you to create or import drag and drop floor plans, you can select and customize furniture and design your interior with over 5,000 elements and then produce realistic images of your creations. To access all the features, you must continue with in-app purchases


The app Floor plan Creator is available for Android and allows you to make space plans in both 2D and 3D even with the decor. Some additional features require in-app purchases.


Among the best free 3D home decor apps available 3D home design allows you to design, furnish and decorate the house in both 2D and 3D with a basic package, although the user to take advantage of all its features can subscribe to one of the available paid plans.


Roomle 3D is one of the free apps to decorate your home using augmented reality that also allows you to shop trendy interior accessories directly by unlocking additional features.


If you just want to relax and play Decorate your home as an interior designer With respect for yourself, the app for you is Design Home. You can have fun decorating the interior of houses with many types of furniture and other interior accessories, such as lamps, blanketsplants etc.

Free PC Apps for Home Decor

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You can also access online app designed for the PC that you can decorate your home with for free. Here are some examples.


SweetHome 3D is a free app that runs on all major computer operating systems, allowing you to create floor plans and decorate rooms in 3D.


With SketchUp you can design the interior of the house and decorate it to your liking and save projects in 2D and 3D. It is a professional but very intuitive software. The full version is paid, but you can try it for free for 30 days.


Floor planner is a free online application that allows you to create 2D and 3D house projects, which can then be decorated using the components available to users. To access advanced features, you must subscribe to one of the paid paid plans.


PlanningWiz is a website that offers free of charge to design the interior design of the rooms with the floor plan seen from above. It is accessed via a free account, and saved projects are sent via email.


L ‘Ikea home planner it is not a real app, but an online service that allows you to decorate rooms with furniture and other Ikea furniture accessories that offer both 2D and 3D visualization. It is very easy to use and quite intuitive.

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