Small and narrow kitchens: 8 ideas for yours

We know that small kitchens And narrowor mini-kitchens, is a theme where many solutions of theinterior designwhich opens different options how to decorate these spaces small but functional. In fact, we are seeing apartment plans more and more often, where the area with the wood-burning stove is in connection with the living area; or an enclosed space that is hidden, often due to a small square meter. Both of these solutions meet the need or desire not to make the kitchen habitable so that it only performs the function for which it would be responsible. Here, this type of arrangement can make many people unfavorable, who may be accustomed to the comfort of a dining kitchen, facing an organization of space that is very similar to a game of tetris. Bad size they are never a problem if you know how to make a virtue of necessity. So let’s see 8 interior design ideas to enhance small and narrow kitchens.

Set the lights correctly in small kitchens

In a small room, the light assumes one basic roleable expand the volumes or make them clearer in case he is absent. This is one of the things that needs to be worked on the most when dealing with the decor of a new small kitchen. If yours is near a window whose light comes in most hours of the day, be sure to keep the artificial lights to a minimum, setting them to only when they are actually needed. If, on the other hand, your small and narrow kitchen is conceivable is in the room of a hallway, then know that the cold colors on the walls give a feeling of openness while the heat closes.

The colorful furniture

We said that the choice of right color for the walls, it can make a difference in the perception of space. The same can be said about the choice of the colors of the furniture: Bright colors can catalyze the attention of a single object without noticing the size of the room. Always trying to stay cohesive with the rest of the house, adding a touch of color (yellow or blue for example) can change the perceived space significantly and give a touch of modern. To see is to believe.

Choosing the right table

It goes without saying, the choice of right table for your small and / or narrow kitchen is a basic part oforganization of space. If what you need is a single table for breakfast and meals, a single folding table on the wall is perfectly fine. Or, if your kitchen allows it, the island table that acts as a partition is always a great way to organize solutions. open space.

Transparency in decor

Transparency infurniture and in the doors it is the alternative to the choice of colored furniture with the same purpose. Bright and / or transparent colors help to give the room a feeling of reinforcement. It is better to use this solution if your small kitchen is covered with very natural light: this is where transparency comes into play, and implements brightness.

Strategic green

Place some indoor plants strategically it can be a great way to improve your little kitchen. It is clearly not a solution that is appreciated by everyone, but especially if you have cold and white tones, a little green will give your space breath and harmony. The most recommended plants are the falling ones, whose leaves can gently tip over the furniture.

Avoid lighting with floor lamps

To always stay on the theme of lighting, albeit with the necessary declensions associated with the decor of each home, a general advice to improve a small and narrow kitchen is to choose a type of lighting that falls from above, and instead avoid the floor lamps. It may seem obvious, but when it comes to saving space, this is a detail that should be mentioned. The advice is to use lighthouses in case of a narrow corridor kitchen, or for some hanging lamps which looks really good on an island table.

The removable shelves

Pull-out shelves are a simple and practical solution to save space in a small kitchen. These practical plans are used only when necessary disappoint they can be laid down under the hob so that they are ready when something needs to be done. In addition to being very practical, you can work on achieving a stylish and minimalist result by choosing the materials carefully.

Floors suitable for a small kitchen

That flooring is another element of the small kitchen that can greatly affect spatial perception. To always remain in line with the general furniture choices, a floor with even slightly vintage patterns and geometric patterns can give these spaces a feeling of spaciousness that would not otherwise exist. Or a winning combination can be to have the furniture on white with a gray marble floor, a great classic in small kitchens.

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