Salvatore Gabbiano and the art of Neapolitan pastry

P.ompeilocated a few kilometers from both the magnificent Sorrento and the Amalfi Coastboth from Naples and Salerno, is internationally famous for the tragedy of 79 AD, where what was once a rich Roman city was buried in a very short time at the eruption of Vesuvius, together with Herculaneum, Oplonti and Stabia. A disaster which, after almost two thousand years, always seems close and present thanks to him archeological excavations of the ancient city (started in the eighteenth century), basic historical evidence of a cross-section of everyday life in the greatest empire of antiquity.

Situated on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the modern city of Pompeii – home to a huge archaeological heritage unique to the world – is today the destination of a major tourism international, with thousands of travelers (in the pre-pandemic period) attracted by the charm of ancient Pompeii excavated. In addition to the tourist side, visitors come from all over the world, also because the large one is at the center of the modern city Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin from the Rosary, destination for millions of believers on pilgrimage every year. But Pompeii also means numerous restaurants, cafes, hangouts and shops and stunning views of the entire Gulf of Naples.

Salvatore Gabbiano and the art of Neapolitan pastry

The baked goods

A temple of traditional Neapolitan pastry

And right here, in via Lepanto, in the historic center – less than a hundred meters from one of the most visited shrines and about three hundred from the main entrance to the archeological excavations – Pasticceria Gabbiano – Dulcis i Pompeji, temple of traditional Neapolitan pastry. A large store renovated in 2021an outdoor area with about forty seats, inside a comfortable and screened corner with sofas to pamper customers, encourage yourself to enjoy a moment of relaxation and detachment as you enter the place, whether they come for a cup of coffee, a light lunchthat Breakfast or an afternoon break. Lots of light, a welcoming and colorful design, large counters that, like a jewelry store, give greedy looks pastiere, sfogliatelle, babà, roccocòzeppoles, staples, cream puffs and many other signature specialties Salvatore Gabbiano.

Salvatore Gabbiano Salvatore Gabbiano and the art of Neapolitan pastry

Salvatore Gabbiano

“I was born greedy, and even though I had no family art behind me since I was young, the curiosity and passion for everything brought me sweet against the art of the confectioner. A call. I worked in several local stores, I attended courses, I dedicated myself to research, and I eventually decided to open my store, following a philosophy that has been formed over the years “, explains AMPI Master-Academy of Italian Pastry Masters. “I have chosen to use only quality ingredients and excellent in my products. In addition to raw materials are know-how and competence. The packaging, the display, the range of proposals provide an important added value, but the real competition is the quality, not the price, and I believe that our customers today, mostly local and private, are informed and able to know the difference . They’re coming back. ‘

Also room for creativity and modern cakes

The baked goods are pretty much it traditional Neapolitanbut the creativity of Maestro AMPI Salvatore Gabbiano is also rejected modern cakesof which he appreciates the play of textures and tastes: his creations are actually Messigno with caramel (in honor of grandmother’s caramel homes, joy of a greedy child), Trinacriatribute to Sicily with ricotta, pistachios and almonds, and Trebon, a symphony of three types of chocolate. Even the ice cream offered in the patisserie reflects the rigor of the quality of the raw material, stored in the classic carapene to keep its taste, characteristics and freshness unchanged.

Pasticceria Gabbiano – Dulcis i Pompeji
via Lepanto 153 – 80045 Pompeii (Na)
Tel. 081 8636305

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