Russian raid on a Lugansk school, at least 60 civilians missing. Two boys aged 11 and 14 were killed

The point about the war in Ukraine: all civilians, women, children and the elderly, were evacuated from Azovstal. “We are preparing for the second phase of the evacuation mission: the wounded and the doctors.

If everyone respects the agreements. If there are no lies. And we’re working to evacuate our military. All heroes in defense of Mariupol “, announced the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky with reference to the soldiers still barricaded in the steelworks. “It’s extremely difficult. I’m sure everyone understands the root cause. But let’s not lose hope. We do not stop. Every day we look for a diplomatic opportunity that can work,” he added.

The appeal of Serhiv Volyna, commander of the Ukrainian Army Marines

“It seems like I’ve been in a hell of a reality show where we’re military, fighting for our lives, trying every chance to save ourselves, and the whole world just sees an interesting story. The only difference is this. it’s not a movie and we are not fictional characters “: then in a Facebook post, Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Brigade of the Ukrainian Army Marines, barricaded himself with the troops of the Azov Regiment in the steelworks. “Higher powers, we are waiting for the result of your actions … time is running out and time is our life!” he adds.

At the end of the three-day ceasefire for the humanitarian corridors declared by Russia, civilians are no longer trapped in the basement of the factory that has become the symbol of resistance. In Kiev, the relief of having rescued the most vulnerable with a complicated mission in coordination with the UN and the Red Cross, repeatedly interrupted by bombings and clashes, now leaves room for concern for the fate of the approximately two thousand soldiers who have so far been protected. at tunnels in the ‘catacombs’ of Azovstal, between members of the Azov regiment and troops from other army formations.

The ghost of direct confrontation between the great powers returns to hover over war-torn Ukraine. While the conflict according to Born, entering a “crucial phase”, the Duma has accused the United States of participating “directly” in the hostilities. In this climate of growing tension, the West’s eyes are on Vladimir Putin on May 9, and on the speech he will give at Red Square to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the USSR’s victory over the Nazis. While the best of its military arsenal will parade. The war in Ukraine is heading for “crucial weeks”, assessed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Notes, however, that there are currently no signs from Russia of an “escalation” with the Atlantic Alliance. Moscow, on the other hand, accused Westerners of having already fully entered the conflict. Especially the United States.

And Joe Biden warned the leaders of the defense and the secret services about the risks associated with leaks. The president, according to Nbc news, called the leaders of the Pentagon, CIA and National Intelligence and stressed that the latest press reports are counterproductive and “distracting from our goals”.

Today’s chronicle

09:45 Two boys aged 11 and 14 killed by bombs in Lugansk – Two boys aged 11 and 14 were killed and two girls aged 8 and 12 were injured yesterday in a Russian bombing raid on the town of Pryvillia in the Sievierodonetsk district of the Lugansk region. This was reported by the Kiev Attorney General’s Office on Telegram quoted by Ukrinform.

08:30 225 Ukrainian children have already died in the Russian invasion: the figure was revealed by the Justice Minister’s office in Kiev in a post on Telegram. The highest number of victims was recorded in Donetsk (139), Kiev (116), Kharkiv (98), Chernihiv (68), Kherson (46), Mykolaiv (44), Lugansk (42) and Zaporizhzhia (28).

08:00 The Russian attack on a school in the city of Bilohorivka in the Lugansk region left at least two dead and 60 missing under the rubble: – the Ukrainian governor of the district, Sergey Gaidai, condemned it. About 90 people had taken refuge in the school basement, and about thirty had been rescued directly on Saturday, immediately after the attack, Gaidai told the Ukrainian agency UNIAN. “Of those, seven were injured,” Gaidai added in a post on the Telegram application. “Probably 60 people died under the rubble of the building.”

07:50 From Britain other weapons and aid for 1.5 million euros – Britain will set aside an additional 1.5 billion euros to provide military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This was announced by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who also assures that he is “working tirelessly to put an end” to the conflict. “We are adamant in our support for the Ukrainian people. A further £ 1.3 billion will help provide the necessary military and operational support they need,” the memo reads, which also underlines how Britain is “at the helm” to provide economic, humanitarian and defensive support to Ukraine “.

07:45 Zelensky: “Important signal if Biden came here” – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes it would be important for the head of the US administration, Joe Biden, to visit Kiev. He said this in an interview on Fox News. According to Zelensky, Biden is perceived in Ukrainian society as “the president of the largest democratic civilization”. “I think this would be an important signal,” added the Ukrainian president, who spoke in English about the possibility of the White House chief visiting Kiev. On Monday, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said once again that the U.S. administration He does not currently is working on a visit by US President to Ukraine, while both US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have visited Kiev.

07:30 Air-raid sirens in all regions – The air defense sirens rang this morning in almost all Ukrainian regions, reports Kyiv Independent.

05:00 In Azovstal many seriously injured without medicine – “Many soldiers are in serious condition. They are injured and without medication. Food and water are running out ». These are the conditions of the Ukrainian soldiers who are besieged inside the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, according to military doctor Yevgenia Tytarenko by her husband, who was trapped in the facility along with his colleagues. “I will be the last,” the man, also a military doctor, wrote in a message read by AFP.

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