08.50 – Sunday, May 8, 2022

New appointment on Monday 9 May at 21.20 on Rai 3 with the big “Report” surveys, also broadcast on RaiPlay – www.raiplay.it/dirette/rai3. It starts with the in-depth study “From Russia with Love” by Danilo Procaccianti and the collaboration with Federico Marconi. On March 22, 2020, 104 Russian soldiers landed at Pratica di Mare Airport in full pandemic. They are destined for Bergamo, at that time one of the places in the world hardest hit by the pandemic virus.

They were supposed to bring help and doctors, but were mostly experts in bacteriological wars. Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, this mission is also under the magnifying glass of Copasir, the parliamentary oversight body of our intelligence services. Was it just an aid mission, or did the Russians do military and medical espionage? It continues with the “Spy Game” investigation of Daniele Autieri and the Federico Marconi collaboration. On March 30, 2021, Frigate Captain Walter Biot, who was serving in Division III of the Armed Forces General Defense, was arrested on charges of selling NATO military secrets to Russia.

Among the documents seized is also Annex S, a NATO analysis of Russia’s destabilizing activities in Ukraine. The men of the Ros of the Carabinieri find him in the car with a Russian military attaché named Dmitri Ostroukhov, a man from Gru, Moscow’s military intelligence service. The day after the arrest, Ostroukhov is deported and with him the naval attaché of the Russian embassy in Italy, Alexei Nemudrov, the second of the Russian diplomats in our country, the man who had managed the mission’s logistics. Russian health care in Italy in March 2020. A year later, on April 5, 30 Russian diplomats were expelled from the Foreign Ministry because they were accused of carrying out espionage operations on Italian soil.

In total, Europe expels 149 diplomats from the Russian Federation. What is the relationship between the activities of the two deported men in the Biot case and the 30 Russian workers defined by Prime Minister Mario Draghi as “pseudo-diplomats”? And what kind of secret documents were Russian spies looking for in Italy in connection with the activities of the Atlantic Alliance? Then the report “Mortal Machines” by Giuliano Marrucci. The news pages continue to be filled with cases of deaths in the workplace due to some industrial machinery.

And the dynamics are always the same: there is some mechanical component moving and someone getting stuck in it. If the rules were followed, it really should not happen. Never. The problem is that in order to guarantee the conformity of the machinery is a self-certification, and to check them subsequently, of the 5 thousand people who were employed in the ASLs in 2008, now there are a little over 2000 left, and when they finds something wrong, they must report it to an inter-ministerial commission, which, however, only met for two years.

Finally, the study “The virus of redemption” by Lucina Paternesi and Goffredo De Pascale. With just a single click, cybercriminals gain access to all our data. In 2021, there were over 2,000 serious cyber attacks, 10% more than the year before. Cyberbands act as organized crime, and the goals are increasingly institutional because it is imperative to do business: By exploiting the vulnerabilities of the systems exposed on the network, they are able to track the corporate network with administrator rights and then launch ransomware attacks, that is, they block machines and data, making them unreadable and then asking for ransom.

After the Lazio region, ASL3 in Naples, some hospitals in Milan and at the end of 2021 also Ulss of Padua were also victims of ransomware. Was it enough to have a backup of all the data to limit the damage? Who should protect citizens’ sensitive data?

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