Museum Cafè opens in the historic center of Naples

Tuesday, May 10 at 19:00 opens there Museum café to Piazzetta Nilo.

The reality that already exists in the heart of historic center of Naples dedicated to the works of museums, it changes face and aims for a high-profile cocktail bar, the heart of the project and a driving force for cultural and entertainment events.

A new dimension of the world of Neapolitan events and evenings with a strong message: entertainment is culture, it is art and show, and all this can be communicated from the mixed world, which is a world of study and research.

The museum café is further strengthened to be a multifunctional space, where several dimensions will exist side by side: the eno-gastronomic, the artistic-cultural and the one of mixture and spirits.

“This is a place that has always manifested itself with more souls – explains the founder of the” Museum “brand Francesco Di Bennardo.

Now the big news comes above all with the know-how of the new partners, Alessandro Cerrone and Valerio Begonja, Neapolitan entrepreneurs and important references to the world of night and events.

“The new museum will be a space where history, culture, entertainment and mix will live together – Alessandro and Valerio explain – with this project, the events and entertainment in Naples will return to the positive meaning they once had. Entertainment is a dimension that much of our city revolves around: Professionalism, creativity, culture, internationality.This is a dimension that needs to be supported and pushed.

Therefore, the Museumscafé was born out of the desire to create a place to live all day. We are open from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 at night, giving all who come in, tourists and Neapolitans the opportunity to entertain themselves and fully experience our suggestions. “

From Mediterranean and international breakfasts, to lunch and aperitifs, from exhibitions and performances to cultural and entertainment events. At the center of the new Museum Cafè concept is the cocktail bar area with bar manager Valerio Maraniello, who will offer great classics and a twist on classic. New blending techniques and “homemade” drinks will open a new phase consisting of a retro style, which, however, will not give up the fascinating new trends in the world of blending and spirits.

For each drink a historical name, for each name a story that will come alive in the objects that the store offers: from jewels, statues to t-shirts, all dedicated to works and historical sites in our territory and our culture.

The museum experience is the pleasure of discovering or remembering a work of art through its reproduction along with the tasting of a wine, a photograph together with a traditional or revised dish prepared with care and quality ingredients, finding an object of ” furniture or a jewel that can satisfy the desire to add to the home, to one’s person a reference to the beauty of ancient or modern art, browse replicas and reproductions while enjoying a craft beer, find food for thought or desire for further study immediately after enjoying the pleasure of a good parmigiana, tasting, discovery, learning about the history behind a carefully prepared cocktail, tasting and discovering the history of a traditional local dish, listening to good musical selections, meeting people with similar interests alone or in company, enjoying a place full of history and culture .

A space that welcomes and talks about itself also in design: vintage sofas in industrial style and “social eating” tables, where you can read the national and international daily review and sip selected tea in the afternoon; a space among the city’s historic tuffs, where you can see and set up exhibitions and installations, a space dedicated to entertainment and culture. And right in the central room, the cocktail bar, in wood, the main point from which the entertainment vision for the whole concept starts.

The opening event will be open to the public.
The time reserved for the press is 18.30.
Confirmation of attendance is welcome.

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