Mountain decor: ideas and advice

The wish for living in the mountains it unites many people and more and more people are leaving the city to buy and renovate a house in the mountains.

The choice of buy a house in the mountains it is also important for the life and economy of small mountain villages, so much so that in northern Italy there are several regions that have decided to offer incentives for those who decide to move to the Alps.

When purchased, what is it ideas for renovating a mountain house and how to choose the furniture?

L ‘interior design in the mountains combines aesthetics and functionality, in this article we have gathered a few mountain home decor ideas that creates a warm and inviting environment where you can spend the cold winter days relaxing and enjoying the little things that make you feel comfortable, according to the lifestyle that the Danes call Fun.

What must not be missing in a mountain home?

The first answer to this question is tree. Dark to emphasize the cottage’s rustic style or light with a modern inspiration with Scandinavian references, wood is the most widely used material for decorating a home in the mountains.

We find it in the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, in the walls lined with wood or on the floor, often made of parquet. Mountain decor is often made entirely of wood to give the home a Nordic style, but it can be paired with another material such as stone to get a rustic style.

In the interior of mountain houses is another very common material just Stone, reminiscent of the landscape and the exterior of the house. The stone can be inserted in different rooms of the house: on the walls so that it is left bare, like a fireplace mantel, to highlight parts of the kitchen or bathroom. Combined with wood, it gives the house a rustic and welcoming atmosphere.

Now let’s move on to decorating accessories and accessories. As we said in the decor of a mountain house aesthetics and functionality go hand in handfor this reason, there are among the typical interior design accessories for the interior of mountain houses storage chests in wooden and wicker baskets where you can store firewood for the fireplace or store rugs and sheets.

The choice of fabrics also makes the difference for mountain home decor. Carpets, linen and curtains are often made of natural fabrics, fallen in print dedicated to the mountains or monochromatic. They can not be missing handmade wool rugs and pillowsto give a personal and unique touch to the home.

Last but not least is an unavoidable element of a mountain home fireplace.

Decorate a house in the mountains

In the decor of the mountain house the key word is comfort. In a cottage, especially when it comes to another home, it is not necessary to fill in the spaces, but simply choose a few elements that are also functional. So how to decorate a small mountain house?

A way to get the most out of every room is to choose furniture with simple and clean lines, in Scandinavian or vintage style, and functional interior accessories such as benches and storage buffers to be placed both in the bedroom and in the living room.

To preserve the rustic and traditional style of the mountain houses in the interior, furniture can be chosen warm wood tonesin soft and delicate colors with details reminiscent of red and brown.

Two main characters in the living room of a small country or mountain house are normal sofa and fireplace.

The sofa is generally large and comfortable, combined with cushions and warm blankets that you can wrap yourself in on the coldest evenings to spend in front of the fireplace, which in a small house can become it. the real center of the environment. On the main wall in the living room, in the kitchen or in a bedroom, the fireplace will make the atmosphere of the home even more inviting, as well as warm the rooms. If the fireplace is to be installed, it is advisable to choose one bioethanol fireplace or a pill guy.

ONE wide rug placed in the living room, perhaps under the sofa, it will revive with the aim of making the environment more comfortable, as well as fabrics and tartan sofa cushions reminiscent of the mountain and the Scottish Highlands atmosphere.

Let’s finally talk about lighting. Usually, the mountain houses, especially the older ones, have small windows that limit the spread of heat, so if you do not want to disturb the style of the house, choose appropriate lighting, with warm light coming from suspended chandeliers, floor lamp lamps and vintage lampshade.

How to decorate a modern mountain home?

The speech is a little different when it comes to furniture modern mountain house.

One of the most important ideas for renovating a mountain house if you are looking for a modern style is to change the windows, remove the small fixtures to make room for large heat insulated windows from which you can enjoy the spectacular views that the mountain offers.

Those who choose modern mountain home decor generally play with one mixture of materials such as wood, stone and polished metal, which create a refined and at the same time comfortable environment. The design of the furniture in this case is often minimal and plays in contrast to the colors of the wood, preferring light and cold shades, but also glossy or opaque black. The minimal design of modern mountain home decor it fits well with the simple and soft lines of sofas and cushions that can be selected in fabric or leather.

Following the modern style, even the fireplace can completely detach from the rustic style and have one minimal or special design. If the size of the room allows, it can be placed in the middle of the living room or in a corner to heat several rooms.

Eventually to create onelighting Atmospheric, in the modern mountain home, LED spotlights and wall lamps with simple lines reminiscent of the style of the furniture in the house are recommended.

In the opening image: The Mountain Refuge, a prefabricated mini house designed by the two architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi

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