LàQua, preview of the show dedicated to children Events in Lecce

Sunday, May 8 at 17.30 Koreja has thought of an extra appointment at the Teatro in Tasca, dedicated to boys and girls from 0 to 3 years. For Mother’s Day, on stage, LàQua, the show by Koreja dedicated to Arianna and her first steps, by Emanuela Pisicchio and Maria Rosaria Ponzetta. As big arms, the Via Dorso stage will only welcome 50 spectators to a special coziness: the stage will be transformed into a place where parents and children can experience the world through sounds, sensations, colors, stimuli and emotions.

“Over 30 years of study and experience with thousands of children and families – explains Salvatore Tramacere, Director of Koreja – has taught us and told us about the world of childhood, the alphabet of emotions and learning through the senses. For the first time, Koreja is staging a show dedicated to the hero young people: Emanuela Pisicchios and Maria Rosaria Ponzetta’s artistic and pedagogical research thinking about the show has its roots in the idea that a child, even if it is very small, is able to explore the world with the senses, and thanks to his innate abilities, attention and strong ties to his parents, he can quickly learn how the world works inside and outside himself.In this sense, theater is able to stimulate the senses, language, understanding, memory and attention even of the little ones, which supports the learning of emotions and the positive management of relationships in the elderly. “

“This work was born in the heart of the ‘Zero / Three Calls Italy’ project – explains Emanuela Pisicchio, actress and co-author of the show – organized within the Visioni 2022 festival. How to think of a show for boys and girls from zero to three years ? Where to start? We were guided by Arianna, my daughter, who started living in the Koreja Theater from the very first months of her life. Sharing a work area with such a small child has allowed us to get into a dimension of care and listening that has spread to all levels and involves all the “residents” of the theater. Somehow we were already ready to generate LàQua. We continued our work with polyphonic singing. We realized the strength of “This instrument simply by observing Arianna. Singing always managed to create a connection, a deep, empathetic listening. In the words of Bruno Tognolini, we found living substance and body to which we could entrust our voices.”

“That’s how it is – emphasizes Maria Rosaria Ponzetta, actress and co-author of the show – when we thought of this work, the first thing that came to mind was singing, we started right from the first sound: the mother’s heartbeat, which is the soundtrack, rocking the baby already in the womb The sound that accompanies his first silences and from which everything springs Sounds and songs, a voice that calms from the traumatic event, which is the birth, the song and the rhythm that accompanies the transition from a world to a other.”

LàQua is a small song that resounds from the mother’s womb. It is the sound of the first element that accompanies, protects, and cradles intrauterine life. LàQua is the song about the first journey that a creature makes at birth. A little hymn to life, to the water that comes with it. The title is a sonic breakdown of the word “water” and refers to the game of lallation and hyphenation that accompanies the first phase of vocal exploration. The show’s soundtrack is a polyphonic song that uses the rhythm of lallation, syllabation and repetition. It is the sound of the first element that accompanies, protects, and cradles intrauterine life. It is the song about the first journey that a being makes at birth. A little hymn to life and to the water that comes with it.

Age: 0-3 years


A show by Koreja dedicated to Ariadne and her first steps

by and with Emanuela Pisicchio and Maria Rosaria Ponzetta

technical care Mario Daniele

A special thank you to Salvatore Tramacere’s thoughtful gaze, to Bruno Tognolini’s words, to Laura Scorrano’s passion, to the “visions” of La Baracca Theater and to the precious educators of “The look elsewhere” in Bologna, Alessia Cingolani, Valentina Buvoli, Grazia Ghedini. Thanks to the many arms of the Koreja Theater, which have created a home, a cradle, a nest.

The Strade Maestre XXV edition is a project of Korea created with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the EU, the Puglia region, the Department of Culture, Protection and Development of Cultural Enterprises, Tourism, Development and Tourism; PACT – Polo Arts, Culture Tourism of the Puglia Region; PiiiL Culture; Lecce municipality; Pugliese Public Theater – We nurture culture in Puglia. Partner Adisu Puglia.


Single show access

Adults and children 5 €

FFP2 mask mandatory

Info Korea Theater: 0832.242000

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