La Ghironda celebrates 40 years of ancient music

The Ancient Music Group Ghirondaen celebrates 40 years of activity with a concert held on Sunday, May 15 at. 18 i Casa del Teatro 3 – Arcoscenico i via Scarampi 20 i Asti.

It will be an opportunity to tell the ensemble’s history and find some musicians on stage who over the years have been precious collaborators on many occasions. Giuseppe Villavecchia, a well-known pharmacist from Asti, passionate about theater and cinema, author and director in both sectors, began in 1982 collaborating with Florio Michielon and other musicians on the setting of plays that take place in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where he had wanted to insert the music of the time.

On the occasion of the public presentation of the farce of bracho and milaneiso by Asti writer Giovan Giorgio Alione, Villavecchia had chosen the name La Ghironda for the theater and music group, fascinated and fascinated by the instrument played by Florio. After the theater experience, the name has remained with the musical ensemble, which over the years has expanded its staff by dedicating itself to research and performance in ancient music, especially the medieval and renaissance.

The performance on 15 May includes the musical performance integrated by reading the texts of the time and re-creation in narrative form of use and customs, of popular festivals and of the various events in connection with the change of seasons to revive the atmosphere and medieval traditions. In the numerous concerts in Italy and abroad, in these 40 years of activity, theme shows have been proposed with melodies dating back to the Provencal troubadours, also active in the Piedmontese courts, Goliard songs by Carmina Burana and songs related to the exaltation of the production of medieval winemaking, pieces for dance and songs attributed to pilgrims and passers-by, melodies linked to liturgical texts about the mystery of the birth of Jesus and those taken from Cantigas, the largest and most important collection of non-liturgical sacred music of the thirteenth century.

There are two art concerts: “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch and “Giotto tells Francesco”, where the experience of visual art is accompanied by art criticism and live music. The group’s last production was the show on Boccaccio’s Decameron, which represents one of the most important and richest literary sources on music and dance in the fourteenth century.

The La Ghironda group approached the theater of the time, where the recited text and music performed on stage during the show are integrated, according to the dictates of old representations, staged “Farsa di Maître Pathelin”, by an anonymous author of the comic theater French of sec. XV, two works by Giovan Giorgio Alione from Asti, “Farsa del bracho e del Milaneiso” and “Comedia de l’homo e de soi cinque sentiment”.

In 2019, a version of “Il Divorzio” by Vittorio Alfieri was also created, always with the aim of enriching the play with the music and instruments of the time (late 18th century), which was used on stage by some musicians from the group who were also active in the field. of classical music. The Group uses copies of tools used in the Middle Ages and the Renaissancefaithfully reproduced by luthiers, such as gurdy-gurdy, sheer, bagpipes, fifes, recorders, vielle, cromorni, shawls, and ancient percussions.

THAT musicians who will perform: Florio Michielon, Aba Rubolino, Piercarlo Cardinali, Gianpiero Malfatto, Sara Malandrone, Massimiliano Limonetti, Antonella Pronesti, Carlo Francesco Conti, Luisa Ratti, Leonardo Zaccarelli, Fulvio Mortara, the singers Marzia Grassio and Andrea Marator and Luca Capello

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