Know “Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023”

A letter B., initial of the names of the two cities that were first chosen as the dual Italian Capital of Culture, which will be a 3, evocative of 2023, the year of the festivities and cultural momentum of Bergamo and Brescia. But in another interpretation, made possible by the use of abstract geometries, the red graphic sign also suggests the idea of ​​an elastic spring that pushes the two cities beyond the ordinary that has always followed them, such as cumbersome and pragmatic, which only a few years ago, no one thought perhaps could become cultural capitals throughout Italy. These are some of the suggestions summarized in logo chosen for Bergamo-Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023. To make it happen, the Brescia company Akomia communications agency that participated in the tender launched by the two cities to design the visual identity and logo project for the event.

The logo will be projected starting at 19:00 on Saint Lucia Day, December 13, 2021for about 2 months on the facades of the municipalities of Bergamo and Brescia, Frizzoni Palace of Piazza Matteotti in the Orobi capital, Monte di Pietà Palace on Piazza della Loggia in the capital of Brescia. The projectors will be turned on by the mayors of the two cities: Giorgio Gori, accompanied by Laura Castelletti, in Bergamo; Emilio Del Bono, flanked by Nadia Ghisalberti, in Brescia. Mayors and councilors will also reveal two large installations (3 meters wide x 3 meters high and the same number of depths), which resp piazza Vittorio Veneto in Bergamo and piazza della Vittoria in Bresciawill mark the days until the completion of the appointment of the capital at the end of 2023.

Not only that: from 14 December 2021, the logo will appear on public transport (bus, tram, metro and bicycle sharing) from Bergamo and Brescia Mobility Transport Company, at public transport stops and stations, accompany citizens until the grand appointment in 2023 and create ever more awareness of the prestigious recognition that the two Lombard cities will share in just over a year.

Know “Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023”

“The logo with the most direct impact and at the same time the most dynamic was chosen. – comments the mayor Giorgio Gori Today, the priority is to put the appointment of 2023 in the consciousness of our citizens, to experience next year as a kind of long countdown to our “cultural year”, which begins to emphasize the alliance and the uniqueness of the purpose between Bergamo and Brescia. However, this aspect is destined to become the real heart of communication. The logo we have chosen has the versatility to allow us this development: from the date expressed with simple and colored lines to the big red B – the 3rd of 2023 – which overlaps the initials of the two cities and becomes a simple and easily memorable stroke, able to communicate dynamics and projection towards the future “.

“Simple, linear but effective. – explains the Mayor of Brescia Emilio Del BonoThe logo of Bergamo and Brescia Capital of Culture 2023 well represents the hallmark of the Brescia spirit that most unites us with the people of Bergamo: concreteness. A concreteness that has driven us from industrial cities to become a symbol of culture in Italy and in the world. A result that very few people would have bet on just a few years ago. We have shown that, despite our solidity, we know how to value the beauty and extreme importance of culture, and above all, we know how to give it the space it deserves, to ensure that our fellow citizens can enjoy it too. This first step inaugurates last year’s work that will lead us to open up to the whole of Italy as a proud symbol of culture. “

Colorful, lively, immediate, understandable to all and at the same time full of deep references and openings in variable declensions. It’s the peculiar features of the logo created by the Akomi agency of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture that struck me the most, because they are the same ones that we instill throughout the 2023 project. ” is the comment from Laura Castellettideputy mayor and cultural councilor of Brescia municipality. “The dossier we are building and the timetable that will be rejected intends to tell a capital city consisting of two cities, which reflects its vitality and momentum towards the future, but which at the same time fully assumes its deep connection with history and with the most ingrained values.It is a constantly evolving, stimulating and engaging path.And from today it will be even more for all Brescians and all Bergamo people who will be able to recognize and rediscover the logo of this extraordinary event in many places in their daily lives.

“The presentation of the Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture logo – comments Nadia Ghisalberticultural councilor in Bergamo municipality – it is kick off, kick-off that throws us into the heart of the planning of the 2023 schedule and highlights all the graphics that will accompany our two cities on the road to “growing together”. Success comes from the immediacy of shapes and colors and from the originality of the creative motif that is able to give life to an unusual graphic line that arises from the development of a letter (the B that unites the names in your cities) in a number (the capital’s 3rd year). The hope is that all citizens will recognize themselves in this logo, an expression of the spirit of participation that will shape the path of cooperation between Brescia and Bergamo. “

The administrative path

The market research announcement for the choice of the visual brand Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 was published on 25 August and closed on 20 September. The proposals received were 52, of 32 companies / professionals (each topic can present up to two graphic suggestions). The announcement attracted particular interest from agencies / companies in the Bergamo and Brescia areas, but not only: 13 the responses came from companies outside the two provinces.

The phases of the logo selection took place in a generous collaboration with the architect Antonio Romano, who is considered one of the leading Italian representatives of brand design and the founder of the Inarea network. The winning proposal, assessed in comparative terms, taking into account the qualitative aspects set out in the Executive Order, was that of the AKOMI Agency in Brescia.

Among the parameters required by the announcement were particularly important from the outset “adherence to the identity of the municipal administrations; recognizability, i.e. the ability to clearly identify the Capital of Culture 2023 event and be easily remembered; originality; efficiency, also guaranteed in limited contexts and methods; flexibility, ie. adaptability in an articulated system of applications. The study of the two municipalities was also binding on the subjects’ experiences, which must have been ongoing since before 2017 and must have carried out national or international work in the previous three years.

The description of the logo

The design proposal is based on the identification of a simple and linear element, whose versatility makes it possible to have different meanings from time to time.

The shape is primarily inspired by the letter B, an initial shared by the cities of Brescia and Bergamo, but it is also number 3 in 2023, the year of the celebrations and the cultural momentum of Brescia and Bergamo.

The graphic sign, ideally obtained from the curvature of a straight element, symbolizes the resilience of two cities that have endured a very heavy physical and emotional strain. A strain that caused them to bend, but which they never gave in to, and which further strengthened their bond.

Extrapolated from the mark, the letter B can be filled in and rejected in many forms: an elastic spring … a group of friends around a table … two people hugging each other … a nurse rejoicing with her arms in the sky because the virus has been defeated … a dancer dances in a theater that is finally filled … a prehistoric gay of a petroglyph.

Versatile and full of resources, like our cities, the red line of the brand also tells of sciences and technologies – there will be an electrical resistance and an almbic – and the power of an idea, of reason, through the light emitted by the filament of a light bulb. Additional forms may also emerge through a participating contest.

The brand is designed to be presented and introduced in the inclusive version of the year 2023 in graphics – to build anticipation towards the year of festivities – to then gradually remove the figures and leave only room for the graphic sign, which can continue to live and represent the cultural themes of Bergamo and Brescia also in the following years.


Akòmi was founded in 2007 by professionals who had already been active for some years in various areas of visual planning and design, and over the years the activity of akòmi has specialized in communication projects across different sectors (music, home video, food, territorial promotion, real estate). , insurance and financing) with an interdisciplinary approach. The services offered include, in addition to advertising, User Experience, marketing and the strategic definition of communication campaigns.

“We believe that our role goes beyond communication understood in the most traditional sense he comments Giordano Apostolifounder and president of Akòmi – and for this reason, thanks to our team’s cross-cutting skills, we take as our starting point an idea and try to make it grow, exploring all the potential in means of communication, with creativity and overall vision. With this method, we also approached the development of the logo for the Capital of Culture. We are really pleased that our proposal is well-liked and honored to be a part of this great initiative ».

“The hand that drew it is Massimiliano De Marinis’s he adds Nicola Ghislanzoniadministrator and founder of akòmi – we thank him and the whole team because each one, with the shown passion and dedication, has given us the opportunity to achieve this beautiful result, which will accompany Bergamo and Brescia through 2023, and serve as the leitmotif of all the events that will constitute Anno program for culture and beyond ».

“The design proposal of the logo is based on the identification of a simple and linear element whose versatility allows it to assume different meanings from time to time”, Ghislanzoni explains. The graphic sign, which immediately evokes the shape of the letter B and 3, is obtained from the curvature of a linear element, which ideally wants to resemble the emblematic metal rod of which Brescia is a manufacturer and Bergamo a broad user, a symbol of the industrious nature of Brescia and Bergamo, but also of the resilience of two cities that were the first to bear a very heavy physical and emotional strain, such as the one imposed by the COVID-19 emergency that overwhelmed them in 2020 A strain that made them bow, but which they have never given in to, a pressure that has connected even two more cities, already working on a common road, to shake off many clichés, starting with a heated one. rivalry, which perhaps at. times they have only staged without believing it to the end.

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