Increase efforts to save Ukraine’s disabled children

“We urge the government to step up its efforts and reaffirm our full willingness to cooperate at all levels to put an end to these inhumane situations, which add horror to horror”: they said of the FISH Federation, commenting on what was published in day of the newspaper “Avvenire”, which condemns the defined “cruel” condition experienced by many children with disabilities in Ukraine, especially intellectual disabilities, literally abandoned in the country’s closed institutional structures

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“We are asking the government to do that increase efforts and do it fast. In this sense, by appealing to the national and international assistance and reception system, we reaffirm our full availability to cooperate at all levels in order to: put an end to these inhuman situationswhich adds horror to what we are already forced to learn every day about what is happening in the heart of Europe “: they say it from FISH (Italian Federation for the Overcoming of Disability), comments in a note what was published today by the newspaper “Avvenire”, condemning the defined “cruel” condition they experience many children with disabilities in Ukraineespecially intellectual, literally stated in the institutional structures of the countryall also based on direct testimony provided by the organization DRI (Disability Rights International), in contempt of any international human rights standardsbased on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

From the earliest stages of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which we had also reported on our pages, the FISH had intervened and committed itself on the one hand to peace, on the other hand to avoid any suffering to almost 3 million people with disabilities present in Ukraine, including at least 100,000 boys and girls separated from society in closed structures.
At European level, the Federation has moved through FID (Italian Forum on Disability), a liaison body withEDFThe European Disability Forum, which in recent weeks has intensified its efforts to ensure that people with disabilities and their representative organizations are supported, both for the more specific needs of those who have stayed in the country and for those who could repair in others states.
At the national level, FISH has thus become part of one coordination group inside National Council for the Third Sectoras with Ministries responsible persons and to the National Operational Committee for Civil protection, organizes aid to the civilian population of Ukraine and controls the flows of those arriving in Italy. That Third sector national forumthat CNESC (National Council of Officials) andAOI (Italian NGO Association).
Moreover, in early March, the FISH had always asked the Secretary of State In May and that for disability Stefani the immediate opening of a humanitarian corridorto allow the rapid arrival in our country of as many disabled people from Ukraine as possible, starting with minors and women with severe disabilities. (SB)

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In the column to the right of our article with the title Living with a rare disease during the bombing (at this link) is present the list of contributions dedicated in recent months by «» to the war in Ukraine and the situation of people with disabilities.

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