In Librino in the former concrete building, symbol of a redemption “at the maximum price”

“Librino is Catania. Torre Leone, it’s the former concrete building, and what’s left of the Moncada Theater is the sick tale of Catania. All that remains is the prosecution, so those in charge pay the weight of their mistakes. “The words of Claudio Fava, chairman of the regional anti-mafia commission, uttered yesterday morning after the inspection in Viale Moncada, prompted by city councilor Graziano Bonaccorsi and by regional deputy Gianina Ciancio (M5S) weigh as boulders. For the former concrete building, which it continues to be called not only by the residents of this area, “politics” was not enough – appeals in the municipal or regional council were in vain – such as the request that fell into the blue air for an intervention of the ASP., the intervention announcements, the countless inspections and public complaints from citizens and associations, not even the (public) works in the building owned by the Municipality, even though they are done, but “to the maximum inconvenience”, which therefore immediately showed all g cleaning for execution including infiltrations, blown sewers, elevators not working, infrastructure left incomplete, waste materials masonry in garages.

The building, which was inaugurated and handed over to 96 families just a year and a half ago, is already in a dilapidated condition. It was not even enough to have spent billions of old lira on the coveted “center of collection” (a term misused in these parts) called the Moncada Theater, renovated and vandalized in shifting cycles from the year of its first official inauguration, in 2000 Inside, where everything has been stolen, and in the basement of the concrete building still sneaks, stolen goods are hidden, and the latest one was put on a few days ago. Among other things, exactly where children still play after all. And not without running easily understandable dangers. After overcoming the indignation at what had been seen, Fava seemed determined: “Before the complaint to the prosecution, a further inspection is needed with a technician who highlights and certifies the individual critical conditions; to attend a public meeting, under the gaze of all, invite administration, associations and trade unions to a discussion from which no one can flee, pretend they have not understood or have no answer to give. Because if an administrator does not know how to give you an answer to this, he must resign the next day ». It will be necessary to understand, in addition to the legitimate complaints from those who live in Viale Moncada, and the allegations of years-long complaints from the associations, how many will then translate their proposals into actions. Or it is not clear why nothing in so many years has really changed here.

Fava remembers his presence in Librino “without waiting for the election campaign, that is, when they burned the Briganti minibus, to ask for structural intervention in the meeting rooms, twice to examine the condition of minors and present the final report ». And he is aware that in Librino itself there are many other similar situations, less “known” than the concrete building, without forgetting those that are not at all different in San Cristoforo, San Giorgio, Picanello, Monte Po, Villaggio Sant’Agata .
“The problem – is his reasoning – is precisely to have considered a nuisance, a kind of inevitable social condition, the fact that the suburbs are foreign places compared to the cities. And then we continue with small adjustments, some remedy that is only linked to absolute emergencies. It is not a term written in the fate of our cities, but to have accepted that these places were “waste”, separate from the city. This means that we must avoid continuing to imagine building new apartment blocks and instead understand that in those neighborhoods, everything that goes “beyond” the house is missing.

The very concept of periphery should be questioned, As long as we accept that in the territories of our cities, not necessarily peripheral but also in the center, the school and the Carabinieri barracks continue to be the only presence of the institutions and the perspective of meeting and social relations, we will continue to have divergence, but also of extremely high social vulnerability, which we recorded in the study of the condition of minors conducted throughout the island ».


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