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Very Peri: get inspired by fashion, make-up and design

Very Peri: get inspired by fashion, make-up and design

M.onica Geller, alias Courtney Cox i Friends, she would have been proud of it. His apartment, which could have been “bizarre” in the nineties, will be the most copied next year. In fact, the walls and front door are purple-periwinkle, the same shade chosen as “Color of the Year” 2022 by Pantone Color Institute, institution within nuances and the like. Official name Very Peri, and has already begun to be seen between fashion, make-up and design. “The new Pantone color has a bold presence stimulates ingenuity and personal creativityThey explain from the Institute. But how to combine Very Peri at home? With elements here and there, thanks to accessories and small furniture, which revives great classics such as sage and terracotta, the expert advises.

Very Peri, its significance

Pantone’s award for color of the year periwinkle 2022 is not surprising. After all, the appearance of purple in all its shades on the podium of must-have colors had been announced for some time. I’m ready to bet that purple will be the “new pink,” a shade that has become so depopulated that it has become the symbol of Millennials. In the next few years we will see it proposed in a thousand variations and combinationssome of which look very exciting, “she declares with conviction Federica Capelli, color designer from Atypique Design Studio.

So not unexpected. On the other hand, purple has often been seen on the red carpet in recent times, and the significance of this shade perfectly reflects the moment we experience “PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri (is his full name, ed) is a representation of spirit of the times global moment and transition we are going through. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our perceptions and lifestyles change, and our real and digital lives are fused in new ways, ”explained Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of the Pantone Color Institute.

Very Peri, the union between real and digital

“Digital design helps us expand the boundaries of reality and opens the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new possibilities for colors. With the growing popularity of the meta-verse and the growing art community in the digital space, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world manifest themselves in the physical world and vice versa, ”Eiseman continues.

A color that opens up endless possibilities, even if the one, it must be said, is not really for everyone «It is impossible to ignore that purple is unlike for example blue or green certainly not a color for everyone. Close up and in some ways similar to blue as a color family, inside it has a red soul that makes it fresh and vibrant at the same time. A mix that is enough to make it an unusual and creative choice, ”explains Capelli.

Purple in design

Not just periwinkle though. In fact, the design world is already ready to explore all the thousands and more variations of this shade, especially “in the dusty variations, easier to adopt in everyday life“. In fact, if, as the expert explains, it is still difficult to imagine an entire wall of the house completely periwinkle,” However, it is a color that has the great advantage of being perfect for accessories. Pillows, household linen in general, small parts of the wall, design objects and small furniture in this shade give a certain freshness and an unusual touch to the room ».

The shades that fit perfectly with Very Peri

Vivid and fresh, this shade composed of blue with hints of red inside is perfect on summer palettes “I imagine her very well in midsummer with fruity colors like yellow and orange, but also fresh like blue-green. For a more classic choice, periwinkle is perfect for reinforcing sage and terracottatwo colors that have largely dominated the interior design in recent years, especially in the kitchens, ”explains the expert.

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To give it a more sophisticated but also very exciting tone so that it loses the summer mood, the alternative is combine it with neutral «The timeless and classic shades have been made more exciting next to Very Peri. Especially the shades of sand, camel and beige, but also coffee become almost “haute couture” next to this color. To try »concludes Federica Capelli.


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