from 13 sailors to Moscow, to Ukrainian drone-raids –

On February 25, there was the case of the 13 sailors, enveloped in the propaganda fog. Then the sinking of Moscow, the Makarov case and now the raids of the Ukrainians who want to regain control to maintain a commercial corridor

Snake Island a small spot in the Black Sea, an adventurous name accompanied by new glimpses of the conflict in Ukraine. The development is told by different versions. Let’s start from the last days. Kiev used drones and fighter jets to attack targets on the islet, 35 kilometers from its shores, an area occupied by the Russians. A square fortress and the high cliff, 0.17 square kilometers with individual buildings, the lighthouse and a pier. The attacks were aimed at some Russian Raptor lookouts, a small landing ship, numerous anti-aircraft guns, a helicopter. The intrusion is documented by some videos: the last one – probably recorded by a Turkish TB-2 drone – showed a pair of Ukrainian Sukhoi planes entering the island at low altitude, then leaving the island, then by a helicopter that evaporated by an ‘explosion.

Sunday morning, Moscow responded with its narrative. We repulsed an enemy attack – the official line – maybe they wanted to disrupt the victory celebration, we managed to inflict losses: two Sukhoi 24, three helicopters, many soldiers and a Project 1241 corvette off the coast of Odessa. On the ground, between the houses, something resembling a capital letter Z appearedthe symbol of the special operation inflicted on each vehicle in the army.

The Russian reconstruction is reminiscent of the suggestions of some experts who during the last few hours had wondered that the resistance was planning something: an idea born out of observation of the recent moves in Kiev. The Ukrainians repeatedly neutralized the batteries when they were replaced, they took out some naval units and did so with their own air force. Fire point: its aircraft can continue to move; After more than two months, Moscow has still failed to introduce superiority into the air; they questioned the air and naval blockade; Missions always involve serious risks for everyone.

The destruction of missile systems it was even more significant after the sinking of the cruiser Moscow. The flagship, hit just off the island, he had to create an umbrella of protection with his appliances. The Black Sea Fleet, on the other hand, was deprived of a sentry post and had to keep the landing ships offshore, which instantly removed the scenario of a landing in Odessa: a plan that few analysts really believed in.

The Neptune missiles fired by the resistance not only hit the mark, but created a principle of deterrence. And it could rise if it gets – as it seems – new weapons from NATO, starting with anti-ships. In the pre-war period, Ukrainians came to Italy in search of special funds for underwater warfare – our products are among the best – but the reconnaissance would not have led to contracts. The United States, on the other hand, has promised naval drones, one of the items in the aid package. Probably used against minesa threat that arose in the initial phase of the war with the discovery of floating bombs in Romanian and Turkish waters.

We are in a reality with opaque and secret aspects, as in the episode of the Russian frigate Makarov. The defenders always claimed to have hit her in the sector of Slangeøen, but at the moment there has been no confirmation. The case for has brought attention to this corner of the ocean. And the intense activity has therefore led observers to consider the possibility of a coup: a maneuver with effect, even if there would be an obstacle to having to protect it, with logistical problems. The Russian navy has about twenty vessels to tighten a blockade with, and in fact nothing leaves the Ukrainian ports, including mountains of wheat destined for many countries. The weekend duels are an indirect confirmation of how the outpost still plays a rolewhatever the right version is.

For some time, however, analysts had observed the island of snakes – Ostriv Zminyj in Ukrainian – for understand the wind that blew in the Black Sea. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, the islet had in fact acquired an even greater strategic significance for the Ukrainians: according to the law of the sea, the country actually rules the sea and whoever controls that islet also controls the 12 nautical miles that surround it, a corridor that makes it possible to preserve the trade routes that the Russians are trying to stifle. Before a summit for the Crimean platform – a diplomatic initiative to resolve the conflict with Moscow – Zelensky himself had chosen to be interviewed by the Ukrainian press right on the island last August: Like the rest of our territory, he had said, Ukrainian land and we will defend it with all our might.

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