F1, what Fernando Alonso thinks about the 2022 cars

The two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso, of Forbes Spain: “With the same circuit, if we used to round in 1’17” we now round in 1’22 “. Instead, an F1 driver wants to round in 1 ‘ 10 “if possible. But it is the right direction for the environment and the balance of the championship “

Lorenzo Pastuglia

With the return of ground power after more than 40 years, F1 cars have changed this year: heavier, stiffer, smoother in the fast turns, but still too insensitive in the slow ones. Individual seats that do not seem to excite more drivers of the world championship. Among these is also Fernando Alonso, 41, in July and ready for the new season with Alpine, who told about how they drive: “2022 cars are different – he said in an interview on the Spanish side of Forbes – you have the feeling of driving faster because the channel under the floor generates more downforce at 300 km / h than at 100 km / h, but in slow turns it still requires a lot of effort.Cars that are lowered than the previous ones and therefore with a lot hard suspension ”.

f1 and the future

A car that the Asturian does not like: “None of us like them – he added to Forbes – If we on a track in 2021 did 1’17”, now we start from 1’22 “. If you ask each single driver, he will tell you that he wants to round at 1m10 if possible.They are heavier cars, with less horsepower for more organic petrol. ”A direction towards a more sustainable future mobility, which Nando surprisingly shares: “It’s the right path, F1 is moving more and more towards areas like technology and respect for the environment – he commented – In theory, cars will be more equal, with parts common to all such as front and rear wings, because there is not too much freedom of development, and it is good for this sport that we are more balanced ”. With the new 18-inch Pirelli tires “you lose grip much faster. I liked them more from 2005, but they no longer exist, so I’m happy with what’s there.

Alonso and the accident

In February a year ago, the Spaniard was the protagonist of a bicycle accident in the streets of Lugano, a collision that led to several fractures in the upper jaw. But today, “I am 100% – he explained to Forbes – At the end of February 2021 I had stitches in my face and in my mouth and everyone made the injury go so much milder than it really was”. And again: “This is a very different winter for me, where I was able to train well and a lot, go to Enstone and work on the simulator, be to the team presentation and do the first tests in Barcelona”. In early 2022, Nando followed a specific preparation: “I went to the mountains for a week with my trainers, did very long workouts and with a little oxygen – he said – So in early February I worked more intensely on my neck “When I do not train, I always play football or tennis, or cycle or go karting. I spent Christmas in Spain on a map, so I am always more or less active”.

alone and the competition

If other teams finished ahead of the Alps in the Barcelona tests, Alonso’s goal this year is to improve on the tenth place in the leaderboard achieved in 2021, in the year of his return to F1 after his farewell at the end of 2018: “After four to five races there will be a few teams in front and the others will copy what they have done – commented the former Ferrari driver – In 2023 all the cars will be the same. Also this year the cars are very similar and the rest of the year they will come others closer. “With the new rules” we have made progress, but the truth is that other teams have made more progress than us – concluded the Spaniard – we start slowly and see, but after Barcelona I think there are some of our rivals , who have worked that way. smarter than us “.

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