Decorating Your Home, The 70s Are Back: All Tips

Lively and daring, here is the return of fashion 70s with their eclectic, colorful and bold patterns style. A timeless everge that is still well recognizable today and that constantly peeks out into the spaces and inside the houses decorated in the name of year. An untraditional and creative atmosphere, a mirror of the society of the time and of the many social fermentations in progress.

Not only protests, cultural revolutions and political changes, but also technological, commercial, innovations design and style. The look of the dresses of the decade matches well with the style of the home made of graphics, prints, flowers and geometric designs of strong influence. Intense colors, with a distinct character, in the name of the most daring and unconventional combination. Furniture with precise shapes and which has left an indelible mark over time and has become an example of style and perfection. A mixture that suits the taste of senior categoryalways so attentive to fashion and different styles.

1970s: predominantly decorations and shades

The interior design style of the 70s is not only associated with the choice of strong shades, Flowers power or geometric, but also to the desire to experiment and create that has pushed in the direction of a powerful stylistic innovation. A decade of purity creative fermentation who can count on the presence of furniture and decorative motifs that have made design history, truly iconic and modern elements. For an untraditional interior design, starting with the same colors and related color combinations. The shades, as mentioned, point to the use of strong, intense, accessible tones that overshadow the more classic white.

For an excess of color that is never banal or random, but always calibrated, with a predominant warm tones such as red, orange, yellow and brown. Colors attached to the ground with important touches of green and blue, with sour tones passing through print, graphics and bold patterns. For example, flowers, geometries, optical decorations in black and white well represented through textiles, rugs and the inevitable wallpaper, back in fashion. The 70s house is a welcoming, engaging home that seeks to create contrasts break the usual patterns.

1970s: materials and shapes

Not only colors, decorations and character patterns, but also experimentation in the form of combinations in between materials and shapes, able to produce unique furniture. The 70s style, so loved by seniors, plays with smooth lines, clean, immediate, which over time has pushed in the direction of marked roundness. A perfect balance able to balance the strong colors of the shades in favor of modular and geometric-looking interior with an opening towards Nordic furniture. A set with a functional, light and completely modern aspect. Also materials used are representative of the typical experiments of this decade, with a particular fondness for plastic and metal.

Passes through the enveloping softness of the wood to the softest and softest velvet, without forgetting the skin, Foam and vinyl: real news from the period. Up to reinterpretation of the most classic coatings such as linoleum and tiles. If we’re talking about 70’s furniture, we can not help but mention the movie “A Clockwork Orange” Stanley Kubrick which manages to represent the perfect fusion of color, design and modernity. Without forgetting the most famous and still much loved furniture such as the lamp Atolldesigned for Oluce by Vico Magistretti, or Eclipse by Artemis by the same author. The iconic Ball chairdesigned by Eero Arnio or the armchair Flake for Busnelli passing through the container wagon Boby by Joe Colombo and the Timeless Thermos EM77 designed by Erik Magnussen for Stelton. Without forgetting the chair Tulipdesigned by Finnish designer Eero Saarinen.

70s style decor: tips and strategies

A very current piece of furniture for this it will be easy to recreate the same atmospheres, and prefers warmer and brighter colors to the more cozy areas such as the living room and kitchen. Changing supports and materials such as plastic, metal and wood for tables, chairs and shelves. Delivers to velvet and soft and slightly hairy fabrics the task of creating an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere, inserting sofas, pouffes, chairs, rugs and many pillows. With an eye for the inevitable bar area and music area, complete with mobile turntable and vintage TV.

Lights and lamps must follow the style of the furniture, fascinating with their unique and spatial shapes. The sleeping area and the bathroom area will be able to make use of less powerful shades, but always in 70s style thanks to the use of wallpaper with optical decorations or immediate patterns. Also in this case, the fabric should be soft and enveloping and warm the room with touches of light thanks to the use of decorative elements in plastic and brass.

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