competition for 3 technical operators indefinitely

L ‘The Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and March (IZSUM) “Togo Rosati” based in Perugia, has launched a competition for specialized technical operators to support health activities.

The public selection is aimed at recruitment indefinitely and full – Cat. Bs, of which 2 places are to be allocated at the headquarters in Perugia and 1 place to be allocated at the headquarters in Pesaro. The required degree is middle school exam (or fulfillment of compulsory schooling).

There is time until June 3, 2022. Here is the message to download and useful information for application.


Candidates who possess the following may enter the competition for technical operators at IZSUM requirements:

  • Italian nationality or nationality of one of the countries of the European Union or of other categories set out in the Communication;
  • physical fitness for employment;
  • the enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • not to have been excluded from the active electorate;
  • absence of exemption from employment in a public administration for having obtained the same employment by submitting false documents or documents encumbered with an invalidity which cannot be remedied;
  • for male graduates to hold a regular position with regard to military service obligations;
  • has not received criminal convictions which, in accordance with the provisions in force, prevent the establishment of an employment relationship with public administrations;
  • absence of dismissal or exemption from employment in a public administration due to persistent and inadequate performance;
  • not to have been declared lost from other public employment, to have obtained employment by submitting false documents or to have a disability which cannot be remedied, and not to have been expelled from public office on the basis of a final judgment;
  • absence of dismissal for disciplinary reasons in accordance with the national collective agreements established for the sectors of public administration;
  • first-degree secondary education or completion of compulsory schooling;
  • five years of work experience acquired from public administrations or private companies to support the health activities of laboratories.

It is noted that reserve in 1 place for the protected categories of disabled people according to art. 1, of Act 12.03.1999 n. 68 registered on the lists in accordance with art. 8 of the same law to be assigned in the Pesaro office.


In the event that a particularly large number of questions are received, the Institute reserves the right to precede the written test with a preselective test.

In addition to assessment of qualifications candidates will be exposed two examsa practice And an oral – on the topics listed in the Communication available at the end of the article.


Established in 1936, at least as an idea developed within the then Economic Council (current Chamber of Commerce) and the University of Perugia, the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marche is a public health company operating within the national health system, guaranteeing the veterinary system in the regions Umbria and Marche the technical-scientific services and cooperation necessary for the performance of the functions of veterinary hygiene and public health.


The application form for participation in the IZSUM competition for technical operators must be completed online on the following page by clicking on the link to the call for applications that you are interested in.

At the end of the procedure, by clicking on the link “Application in Pdf” a Pdf file will be generated, which must be downloaded, saved and signed by the user in digital format or with a handwritten signature. The file should therefore be addressed to the Director-General of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marche “Togo Rosati”, Via G. Salvemini n. 1 – 06126 – Perugia – e envoy via PEC on the address: [email protected] no later than June 3, 2022.

Those interested in the contest without a certified email address can activate one in just 30 minutes by following the procedure described in this article.

In addition, applicants must apply for admission to attach the following documentation:

  • Substitute certification declaration certifying the possession of the qualifications and professional experience required as a specific requirement for admission to the competition, drawn up in accordance with the system annexed to the Executive Order (ANNEX A).
  • formative and professional curriculum, dated and signed, setting out all the essential elements of the evaluation;
  • signed and dated photocopy of the valid identity document;
  • receipt of the payment proving the payment of the competition fee of € 10;
  • list on plain paper, dated and signed, of all documents and titles submitted, including publications.


All interested parties in the competition for IZSUM technical operators are therefore encouraged to carefully read the NOTICE (Pdf 959 Kb) published in excerpts in Lovtidende no. 35 of 03-05-2022.


Subsequent announcements regarding exam diaries and rankings will be published on the body’s website in the section ‘About us> Calls for competitions Tasks> Contests and competitions> Public competitions> Open competitions’.


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