Chinese electric cars: How to buy them in Italy

The philosophy of the Chinese manufacturers has been to learn from the competitors and then try to surpass them, even in the automotive industry. This is the reason why more and more companies in China today produce electric cars, and they intend to expand (and do so) also in Europe and therefore in Italy.

There are many Chinese brands that are part of other sectors that are also well known in our country today for their products, the first example that comes to mind is without a doubt smartphones with brands like Xiaomi and Huawei . Let’s see what they are the electric cars proposed by the most well-known Chinese manufacturersand their most successful models.

Chinese electric cars in Italy: the new ORA Cat

In the ranking of the best electric cars coming from China, we find the cars The ORA brand, owned by Great Wall Motors, which launches its big news in Italy: it is called Cat, has a 63 kWh battery and the electric motor is capable of triggering an output of 170 HP. It is a typical hatchback, the house guarantees 400 kilometers of autonomy, the Chinese electric car boasts excellent solutions in terms of autonomous driving and safety systems on board. Inside, the latest generation of technology prevails, as can be seen in the 20.5 ”maxi display, which contains infotainment and dashboard.

Aiways U5, the long-awaited Chinese electric car

Aiways is another Chinese manufacturercontrolled by Cooler. The new model, which has been launched on the market and which has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, is called the U5 and is a crossover that has already been launched in several other European countries before arriving in Italy. A very special car in terms of aesthetics, especially at the front, the rear end is more elegant.

The car has a battery of 63 kWh, on average in the electric car market, and the same is the range stated by the manufacturer itself, of 410 km. The car’s interior has been very refined, and high-quality materials have been chosen for the construction of the cockpit. the list price on the Italian market is approx 39,000 euros starts.

Chinese electric cars: BYD Dolphin

place bid stands for Build your dreamsand Dolphin it’s one of his cars. The Chinese brand has managed to go beyond national borders as a real power, also officially the country in Europe starting from Norway, which we can today define as the most advanced country in terms of the expansion of electric cars throughout the Old Continent.

Crossover EV600 is the first BYD vehicle to make its debut in Oslo, an ultra-powerful car with 483 hp and 500 km of autonomy. Dolphin, on the other hand, is the revolutionary car that everyone is waiting for, which presents unique and winning properties both in terms of materials, as well as in terms of prices and architecture. The new electric car is aesthetically reminiscent of the Honda and will be offered on the market with two different battery and power outages.

MG ZS, the Chinese electric car arriving in Italy

As you know, MG is today a completely Chinese brand. The brand has British origins and today restarts in China with its own ny ZSarriving in Italy after the restyling. It is especially a medium-sized SUV that has already had particular success in Europe, ready to get the same following also in Italy. A practical and concrete car, with a 70 kWh battery and an autonomy exceeding 440 km (official statements from the company). List prices start from around 30,000 euros.

XPENG G3 is one of the best known Chinese electric cars

XPENG has always shown its desire to be based on the large American car manufacturer Tesla with Elon Musk at the helm. Last year, the Chinese company distributed in Norway its first 100 electric cars from China; their name is G3, it is a crossover with list prices in Europe starting at 33,700 euros, ready to be distributed in other countries as well.

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