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Today’s hero is this teacher from the Matteo Mari primary school in Salerno, and if the term seems exaggerated to you, then know that it is to compensate for another form of exaggeration. The headless and Czechovian of the bureaucracy, so absurd in their protocol perfection, that it inevitably loses the human goal of things, which is the reasonable, not the rational. This master has given us an image that is extremely irrational at first glance. Thursday morning, he suspended traditional teaching and asked his young students to gather in a Hail Mary. A wave of religious fervor? Yes, but of the secular, secular, cross-religious religion of the Italian people: football. The prayer is actually performed, the teacher announces, “so this time Salernitana can win without making us suffer”. The audience actually proves to be hypersensitive to the pious, albeit balloon-forming, intentions, recites the entire prayer impeccably synchronously, and eventually responds in unison to the adult’s invitation: “And for the hip Salerniatana? Hooray! “. To confirm the teleological significance of the act, the master tones” And if you love grenades, clap your hands … “, with a perfectly timed answer and concludes with a precise invocation:” Who scores today? “. The class roar: “Djuric!” (Bosnian center striker from the Campania team).

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Someone recorded a video of the whole ritual, which ended up on social media, has apparently gone viral and has very little clearly triggered an investigation by the regional school office (strictly in capital letters as all the officials are immersed in small practices). This office, we dare, would theoretically have other priorities put on the agenda, in a second region of Italy to drop out of school before the end of the upper cycle (17.3% according to a study by CGIA, worse only in Sicily) and with ancestral infrastructure problems. Instead, it’s a big hunt for the believing fan, in the salvation of the soul, but also in the most urgent moment of Serie B, an event that would not surprisingly fall into the eschatological category of the “miracle”, given that Salernitana up. to a few weeks ago it was abandoned for joint sports talks. It is life itself, which is a mixture of holiness and fleeting, of existential torments and questions of the austerity that is not given, someone has even said that this mixture, this deconstruction of the top and the bottom is the secret behind what we call post – modern, but with football we are still much further, and much earlier. Football is not the bottom that you eat the top, this can only be thought of by the poor in spirit, people who do not grasp the deep resemblance between a Van Basten overhead kick and a Picasso brushstroke. Football, on the other hand, is the high one that takes back its rights. The poet in shorts and a violent life, who was Pier Paolo Pasolini, understood this perfectly: “Football is the last sacred representation of our time. It is basically a ritual, though it is evasion. While other sacred representations, even masses, are in decline, football is the only one left. Football is the spectacle that has replaced the theater ‘. The only crowded contemporary mass, the only credible form that theater and perhaps literature can be given in today: after all has been said, it is written, there is always still a goal to score. This is what the eccentric champion of Salerno, Pasolini without his knowledge, therefore really understood.

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And so did the parents of the students, who sent a letter to the headmaster of the department stating: “The teacher has transferred the expectations and the sporting enthusiasm from our families and the whole city to our children. If community life in the most beautiful and significant part was transferred to schools, as has happened today, it would be instructive and formative for our children. ”Waiting for the event, there may be no more crucial teaching: Saturday in the leopard village, without the obligatory Sunday disillusionment that follows, for yes, Salernitana can win, the possibility of the miracle can be extended.It’s something more, give us, and give him, the timetables or geography.The hand away from this teacher, who will undoubtedly be an extremist in the typhus liturgy, but he is not one from the Investigation Office.Also because he was right twice: Salernitana won, 2-1 in Venice, continues the race for salvation, here and now we will play the unearthly. © REPRODUCTION RESERVED.

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