Anagni, at D. Alighieri High School, the night of classical culture

Also this year the classical high school of IIS “Dante Alighieri” in Anagni, directed by Prof. Adriano Gioè, enthusiastically participated in the nomination with “National Night of the Liceo Classico” (NNLC), an edition that acquires a special significance because after two years … finally present!

The national initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and RAI Scuola, was born out of an idea by Prof. Rocco Schembra, a teacher of literary subjects at the Liceo Classico “Gulli e Pennisi” in Acireale, with the aim of reiterating the importance of classical values ​​and emphasize their pedagogical role in the younger generations. The event, which is now in its eighth edition, was attended by over 300 colleges from all over Italy, including indeed the Liceo classico Anagnino, a school center of excellence in our territory, which celebrated and revived the values ​​of the ancient. classical civilization in the atmospheric surroundings of the national boarding school “Principe di Piemonte”.

Thanks to the collaboration with the director of the boarding school, dr. Livio Gabrielli, and the director of INPS, dr. Pietro Di Fronzo, in a new, prestigious and inviting environment, which from this year hosts Alighieri’s classic address, Friday 6 May, from 18:00 to 24:00, it was possible to realize the rich program for events, very well coordinated by the NNLC representatives, Prof. Maria Teresa Fiorini and Luisa Pietrangeli.

Various cultural and artistic activities were proposed to all citizens of Anagnina and the surrounding area, such as the engaging exhibition of “Alighieris band“, A musical group of the Institute, formed during the current school year, which in a few months has managed to bring out excellent musical talents, and the theater performance The good news. Tales and popular songs from De André to the apocryphal gospelscurated by the firm “Errare Persona”, directed by Damiana Leone.

The students at Liceo classico enriched the evening with dramatized readings ofIliadwhich aroused great hint and emotion among the listeners, and presented some of the numerous projects that have been completed during the year, such as. Smart library app, with which it is possible to handle the cataloging and lending of the Department’s library, e.g. Dante’s Journalthe school newspaper conceived as a space where every student is free to express their ideas.

The National Evening, also thanks to the collaboration with the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), also provided the unique opportunity to visit the monumental complex of the Church of the Church of San Pietro and Vineis annexed to the Convitto and to admire the frescoes of the thirteenth century. of “Coro delle Monache”, usually not available to the public, with expert guidance from the students of Alighieri trained by the FAI.

The touching and meaningful moment in the brief also contributed to the success of the event piece theatrical “The awakening of Rosaspina in the night of high schools”: the students staged through quotes from Greek, Latin, Italian, foreign, ancient and contemporary works the metaphorical awakening of classical culture, princess awakened by the prince (Love) delivering to the world and to eternity, to symbolize the immortality of classical values.

Particularly engaging was the time of the visit to the premises of Liceo Classico’s new headquarters, adorned and personalized by the pictorial decorations made by the students themselves, who also arranged an emotional journey entitled “Beyond the heart“, represents in three classrooms, figuratively and through some images of works of art, the three main emotions that mark the basic moments on the way to high school: desire, the passion that drives the student to sign up, the persistence that allows you to meet the challenges, the dreams that the student at the end of the course is ready to realize.In particular, the dramatized reading in several voices of the final passage was taken from Dionysian by Nonno di Panopoli.

Therefore, the absolute protagonist of the NNLC “Dante Alighieri” by Anagni was certainly the great passion for classical culture in all its forms, which the boys wanted to express, experience moments of amalgamation, exchange, relationships and demonstrate how much Greco-Roman antiquity still manages to touch the hearts and minds of young people who look to progress and new technologies without sacrificing the great and timeless ethical, aesthetic, political and spiritual values ​​of the past, knowing that the umbilical cord that binds it. us can – and should not – be terminated.

Article by Prof. Rossella Ricci

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