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Homicides Samarate, in 2018 the creation of a legacy fund before the notary: Stefania Pivetta owned the majority of the shares in the interior design company. Offices in Milan seized. Black business and ruthless financial transactions: the trail of investigators

On 31 January 2018, Alessandro Giovanni Maja and his wife Stefania Pivetta signed a deed in the office of a notary in Gallarate. The spouses, who had married in 1992 under the separation scheme, stated that they were setting up a wealth fund “Allocation to meet family needs” Maja’s company (in reality, the majority of the shares belonged to the same wife). The night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the architect-entrepreneur killed both Stefania and his 16-year-old daughter Giulia and injured the firstborn Nicolò, 23, who remains hospitalized with a confidential prognosis, with thousands of doubts related to neurological conditions.

The interrogation was postponed and the offices seized

The company’s offices at Naviglio Pavese in Milan were seized by carabinieri following an order from the prosecution, which ordered the removal of computers and documents. While waiting for the killer to tell his own truths (the interrogation under bail was postponed while he was in a psychiatric bed), investigators insist on looking for secrets about Maja, 57, one more than Stefania: there may have been ruthless financial transactions, external bank loans, bad investments with the wrong people. People who might not forgive, who would have threatened, who pushed for and guaranteed impending punishments. The significant amount of “black” that characterized Maya’s work, restructuring and decoration, especially of premises (with a constant increase in customers from the Chinese community), has already been clarified by the surveys, it should be remembered that one reads official papers from the company has not revealed anything. The accounts were in order. The only loss amounted to 16 thousand euros and referred to the default of a tenant for rent in one of the houses owned by the company, whose name is “Jam e Vip srl”.

The occupation of money and the family fund

In the notary’s action in 2018, some passages associated with Maja and Stefania’s legacy fund, killed (like Giulia) in their sleep and hit by a screwdriver “operated” against the face and head of a hammer, must be emphasized. Well, “against” Jam e Vip srl “”, husband and wife are delegated and authorized to collect the profits relating to the respective shares, it is understood that the said profits must in any case be used for the needs of the family “. Precisely his family in the last period occupation of Maja, convinced that his wife and children spent too much despite the enormous problems. Just as we ignore, perhaps because the architect-entrepreneur, a not very talkative and very suspicious, had never said it while reiterating that it was necessary to save, often exaggerating in tone and manner. Stefania in particular was now burdened by a deep fatigue which had made her consider separation and talk about it with her friends. Then came talk on the subject of alleged lack of money (Maja imagined a future of extreme poverty) not even into the intimacy of the villa in Samarate, 16 thousand inhabitants of the province of Varese: that is, two-story house, with garage and small swimmingpool.in the garden, the crime scene and the play by the architect-entrepreneur who pretended to take his own life by burning his eyebrows with a match. Before going out on the balcony in his underwear screaming, “I finally did.” Except then, in the accompaniment between the hospital and the jail, the jail and the hospital, mumbles, “I killed them, I’m a monster.”

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