2022 housing trends according to Pinterest

Words to the experts: Pinterestthat Social network of the image that still gives Instagram a hard time and that welcomes design in all its forms, it has collected i.a. trend 2022 concerning home. Basically, the following article is a prophecy about how the house will change next year, hand in hand with trends it will come. Pinterest writes: “We reveal new trends before they become trends. People use Pinterest to make plans for the future. As a result, we are able to predict what will happen in the coming months. Of the predictions we had made for 2021, 8 out of 10 came true. “So let’s believe it.”Pinterest predicts it is not yet an ultimora report on current trends. It is a report on trends that are not yet trends, a look to the future from the place where the life plans are made ”. What will the house look like in 2022? Hellenic, biophile, emotional.

Housing trends 2022: the charm of curves

“It will be harmony, it will be sweetness, the fact is that no one – especially millennials, boomers and generation X – can resist curves. These meandering shapes invite themselves into the home and conquer interior design and design elements!”. Pinterest Predicts warn: all the way around! The House in fashion next year will make (visual) softness a strong point. Ideas for round pool: + 170%; Round sofa for the living room + 3x; Round interior walls + 4x; Round rod design + 140%; Peninsulas for curved kitchens + 3x.

Home Trends 2022: Biophilic Architecture

“And if plant was part of the inventory? It’s time to move on from the vase to the living room. Millennials design plant-centered design solutions to strengthen the bond with nature and benefit from it. Between new trends for the home and office: garden stairs, biophile interiors and flower ceilings. “The watershed year for the biophile home was 2020, but apparently 2022 will lay the final foundation for transforming homes into green oases. Not just plants. Pinterest Predicts notes that domestic green will be transformed into absolute habitable art installations, ready to marry modern lifestyle.Here are the search terms for next year: Biophilic architecture + 150%; Design for the biophile office + 3x; Bio-felt bedroom design + 100%; Garden staircase + 175%; Flower loft + 3x.

Home trends 2022: the space of emotions

“Humanity experiences a certain moment where all emotions are amplified and want to be heard loud and clear. If you need to let the steam out, there is a new trend that suits you. Interior spaces dedicated to the expression of the whole spectrum. emotionally: ventilation spaces, glass spaces and music-themed spaces “. So Pinterest predicts that the model home from 2022 will have a “decompression space” – as we could say – where you can dedicate yourself to yourself: your emotions. Here are the quantified trends: Rage room + 150%; Music-themed room + 2x; Glass room + 8x; Small library room + 12x; Massage room in the house + 190%.

Housing trends 2022: everything fits together

“Millennials and boomers have finally found the square of the circle. In 2022, the checkerboard pattern will experience a triumphant return that affects all areas of the lifestyle: from menswear to nail art to furnishing.” The checkerboard motif will return with pride, that is, the nagging but pleasant repetition of the square geometric figure. The most clicked searches? Check pattern + 160%; Plaid nails + 165%; Checkered rug + 4x; Check tile floors + 5x; Men’s checkered suit + 95%.

Home trends 2022: rebirth of Hellenism

Ancient Greece in your home? Yes. “The aesthetic codes of antiquity are experiencing a real revival. This year, the inspiration is ancient Greece: Corinthian-style furniture and the Olympics wallpaper are just some of the ideas popular between Generation Z.” Research boom for: Ancient Greece jewelry + 120%; Patterned wallpaper Aphrodite + 180%; Ancient Greece aesthetics + 65%; Greek statue art + 3x; Corinthian pillar + 40%. Based on these guidelines, the house will thus be transformed into a tribute to the cradle of the world.

Housing trends 2022: unprecedented luxury

“What if you welcome your guests in the basement? Or in the laundry room? In 2022, the house’s somewhat forgotten space will be the heart of social life and the protagonists of luxury makeovers on the impulse of millennials and generation X”. Thus, Pinterest Predicts introduces not only a new aesthetic interpretation, but also a new way of thinking about space. The service areas will be flagship residential areas to live in and not be forgotten, and luxury will transform a single laundry room into a space to live in and share. Searchword? Here they are: Ideas for luxury laundry + 11x; Ideas for a luxury basement + 2x; Luxury room to play + 2x; Luxury internal garage + 5x; Luxury children’s room + 2x.

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