10 decor magazines and blogs you must not miss

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Reading these interior design magazines and blogs provides a range of creative ideas and architectural inspirations useful for beautifying the interiors of our homes

In the age of the information highway and “just in time”, it is quite easy to find the information we need. Whether it’s a website, a blog or an application, the internet has everything you’re looking for. For design fanatics like us, it’s ingrained in our lives to keep up with the latest interior design trends, designers and the latest trends. We love reading their favorite blogs, websites and forums for home decor and interior design and are constantly on the lookout for a new source of design news. Let us today review our list of 10 interior design magazines and blogs of decoration known to be relevant, accurate and informative and with the best potential.

From modern to minimalist, from traditional classic style to modern contemporary looks, these magazines keep up with constantly changing trends. In this article, we unveil some of “our” best interior design magazines that provide great content and design inspiration. We hope you find this list useful.

What are the best interior design magazines and lifestyle blogs?

You will not only find the best interior design magazines below – there are plenty of other lists that may be something for you. You will find the 10 magazines that – in our humble opinion – have the greatest chance of trend and growth next year. We especially have two who were born during the most difficult period of the pandemic. These are magazines that are also followed by interior design professionals and entrepreneurs. Some of these magazines also cover topics such as fashion, lifestyle and architecture, and by reading them you will get a good insight into the latest design trends and interior design inspirations.

Elle Interior – www.elledecor.com/it

Why visit the site: Elle Decor Magazine provides inspiration for interior design and decoration, architecture, renovation ideas and much more. Whether your taste is modern or classic, this is the place to get inspired when you discover trendy finds; smart shops; recipes and tips for entertaining; art, culture and travel guides; and everything you need to live well!

House and garden – www.houseandgarden.co.uk

H&G has been shaping style for 100 years and is the UK’s first domestic interest magazine. It offers inspiring interiors, beautiful gardens, elegant décor, stunning photographs and fascinating real-life stories.

Harper’s Bazaar interior – www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/interiors-entertaining/

Dedicated to luxury, Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Magazine shows how elegant people decorate their homes, entertain their guests and experience the world. In this magazine you will find what is new and stylish, from tailor-made furniture to cutting-edge “design art”, with interior design advice from leading interior experts on the latest trends, the emphasis is on the stylish interior that you want them to develop and keep.

Marie Claire Maison – www.marieclaire.it/casa

One of the most important references of interior design magazines when it comes to news, decoration trends and inspiring ideas for design professionals. In addition, Marie Claire Maison is written in several languages ​​and distributed worldwide.

Industrial style www.wallpaper.com

The magazine was born in September 2021, so it is the youngest on this list. A magazine – Industrial Style – that pushes you to rethink your home environment with a pinch of extra awareness also on the side of eco-sustainability. As he explains in his guide the director Arch. Alessandro Agnoli – it is cross-cutting, everyone likes it: both professionals and lay people, because everyone finds their completely personal way of rejecting it. And it was born as a reservoir of ideas, ready for use, on several levels of interpretation: from the composition of the spaces to reuseatinterior design. But above all, a guide to interpreting the world around us, the trends, the authoritative voices.

Architectural Digest Italy – www.ad-italia.it

Architectural Digest, founded in 1920 in New York, has become one of the most important magazines in the field of interior design. Their print editions sell like hot cakes, and online editions and YouTube channels are also hugely popular. In addition to publishing useful things about interior design, the magazine also publishes interviews and articles about celebrities’ lifestyles, travel, shopping, etc. It has international editions for countries such as France, Germany, Latin America and Spain.

Very interior – Interiorissimi.it

Born in September 2020 – in full pandemic – Interiorissimi is a young magazine that has some special conditions that make it unique. First of all, it is a magazine, and then an online platform aimed at interior design and design professionals. Architects, engineers, designers, interior designers, home scenes, lighting experts, yacht designers, architecture and interior design journalists. Thanks to a community of users and professionals, Interiorissimi allows readers to get advice and solutions for their homes directly from professionals in the sector (and not just editors). . It is also the only fully digital newspaper that uses all interactive media (radio, web TV, social networks, etc.) to disseminate information. It organizes courses on the themes of color and furniture. And anyone who wants to collaborate is welcome.

Interior Magazine – www.internimagazine.it

Interni is a monthly magazine, published since 1954, dedicated to interior design and decor, published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. The magazine publishes international issues related to foreign design weeks and the international furniture fair also in China, Russia and Mexico, and special issues at the most important international design fairs.

Pippa Jameson interior – www.pipajamesoninteriors.co.uk

Pippa Jameson is a talented interior designer who has worked in London for the past twenty years and gives her bloggers valuable insight into the life of an experienced designer. It has a dedicated “mini-moodboard” area, which allows readers to imagine shadow plans, surfaces and subjects to fully see how they complement each other for the ideal home effect.

His site also has an area for home renovation that gives good advice to those who seem bound by the right textures, colors or designs. Readers will find an endless list of topics to suit every corner of their home.

Cocohy – www.cococozy.com

Cococozy is another great blog for home decor and interior design that has been at the top ever since it was conceived in 2008. It was conceived by Colette Shelton, affectionately known as Coco, a leader who has made interiors her passion. He founded Cococozy as a home decor blog in 2008 with the goal of covering everything related to furniture and home decor. Today, Cococozy is also one of the leading lifestyle blogs. The main categories of content on Cococozy cover interiors, home trips, everyday inspirations and design styles.

One of the things that Cococozy is popular for is the clothes he creates and curates for imaginary occasions that take place in beautifully decorated homes around the world. The themes are endless. From a garden party in the Hamptons to lunches at a Manhattan residence, her creations blend fashion and interior design in a whimsical, colorful and inspiring way. Cococozy’s popularity has led Shelton to create its own collection and boutique of furniture and fabrics displaying plates, luxury bedding, candles, draperies, pillows and other decorative items, including antiques that can be purchased online.

Cocokelley – www.cocokelley.com

Coco + Kelley (aka Coco Kelley) by Cassandra LaValle was founded in 2007. The blog ranges from interior design to planning, do-it-yourself projects to style guides and home trips and travel.
Her Seattle-based design studio is famous for manifesting Cassandra’s personal style brand – the founder – which she describes as “West Coast Refined” aesthetics. This style has clean white walls, bold mid-century lines and a bold mix of colors and patterns. She is famous for her minimalist style and makeovers, which are featured on Coco Kelly’s blog.

To conclude

We absolutely appreciate all the websites on this list and follow them slavishly. From Interiorissimi to Cococozy, waiting anxiously for the latest new trends displayed on these blogs and sites. But it is not meant to be a definitive list, and if you think you have a website or blog that can be listed, please contact us.

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