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A more and more in-demand professional figure, especially in the field of digital communication, is off motion graphic designer. In fact, a figure that goes across different sectors: from entertainment to more mature and “companies”, such as the financial. But who is, and what does he / she do, a motion graphic designer? In this short article, we will give you some answers to this question and give you an overview of what courses you need to take to become a motion graphic designer.

What does motion graphic design mean?

There is no absolute definition of motion graphic design; often also the acronyms vary to identify those who work in this field: motion designer, mograph, animator …

However, we can say that any design that is in motion is motion graphic design. And it is precisely through movement, and therefore through the temporal dimension, that the concept, or story, that the design will tell comes to life. Movement therefore helps to tell a story, to emphasize a message, to sequence facts or data, to bring graphic elements to life.

An animated title of a TV series (think of the way the Netflix logo appears when you log in to that platform), but also an animated infographic that explains a phenomenon over time, or just a stylized character that moves , are all examples of motion graphic design. Think also of the animated content that you can consume on social networks: the “swipe up” button in instagram stories appears at a certain time, scrolls in a given direction in a fraction of a second … even those involved in the animation of texts and elements UI deals with motion graphic design. Also think of the so-called perimeters that appear on TV or Youtube videos when someone is talking: a simple colored ribbon with animated text that presents information … as you may have already guessed, this is also a motion graphic designers work .

The motion graphic artist can use different techniques to bring the elements of his composition to life: he can use stop movementanimation frame by frameas well as the use of elements two-dimensional or three-dimensional, or why not … a combination of the two. It can use traditional or digital tools. In this article, we focus on the best known and most secure software solutions to pursue a career as a motion graphic designer.

The software used for motion graphic design

THAT software Being competent to be able to work successfully as a exercise designer is different, and a lot depends on the style you want to have, the destination of your work, your background and, of course, the time you have available to learn how to use them.

Among the essential software to know, in addition Illustrator And Photoshop (as a basis for digital illustrations and vector silhouettes) is absolutely there Adobe After Effects, Animate and as for the 3D field, 4D cinema by Maxon (also perfectly integrated with Adobe After Effects).

In our blog you will also find uan in-depth article on the inseparable combination of motion graphic design and after effectsnow a reference software for those working in the sector.

Adobe software is the standard for those involved in design and motion design; they offer complex and powerful tools, and over time, their interface has become more and more simple to help beginners and non-professionals get started. The fact is that software like Adobe After Effects they are remarkably challenging to learn on their own, and to create animations that work, you also need to have a solid foundation on the animation principles.

If you’re looking for a text to lay a good foundation for your work as an exercise designer, we can not fail to mention “the illusion of life: Disney”, A real milestone written by one of Disney’s most well-known and close-knit teams, which with over 500 pages of examples explains the rules and principles of animation that still apply today in the digital world. It is actually possible to know how to use Adobe After Effects effectively, but if the animations do not respect principles such as anticipation, exaggeration or follow up on your work, it may not be pleasing to the viewer.

I want to animate, but I do not know how to draw …

Often, those approaching the world of motion graphics ask themselves if it is possible to work as an animator even if one is not able to draw (both by traditional and digital means). The answer is yes. You can become a motion graphic designer yourself without knowing how to draw. In graphic design studies, the characters for illustrator and animator often do not coincide. In fact, the motion graphic designer often receives the elements to be animated in after effects from a colleague who created the elements in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Of course, this does not mean that the motion designer does not need to know how to manage these files and make changes where necessary, but in any case it is not necessary that he knows how to illustrate in a professional way to work in the world. of animation.

Inspiration to work in a world of motion graphics

If you are looking for inspiration, we recommend several sites of some amazing studios and professionals in the field of motion graphics such as:

If you need advice on which courses to choose, Espero is at your disposal; our course catalog covers all the software you need to become a successful motion graphic designer.

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