Which electric cars consume the least?

You have certainly wondered if it pays to buy an electric car. Today we want to find out which ones are the most effective at the moment.

In the period of expensive fuels, the super valuation of used vehicles and the high cost of buying new cars, it is a very delicate moment for car enthusiasts. Large groups like Volkswagen and Audi was even forced to stop production of some modelsdue to the impossibility of getting electric wires from Ukraine.

Which electric cars consume the least?
Electric car (ANSA)

Europe, for its part, is committed to securing a less polluted future for our planet and is focusing heavily on alternative technologies. In 2030, cars with diesel engines, to give just one example, will be banned from driving, which will also be extended to petrol and all types of endothermic engines from 2035.

The world of cars, therefore will go against a real revolution even though there is so much time left that it is still difficult to imagine such an important change. However, the big houses have already begun to organize for what is to happen, where electricity is increasingly the core of production.

This philosophy has, at least for now, not yet caught too much among motorists due to the high purchase costs of the cars that have taken up the electrification. It must be said that supercar manufacturers like Lamborghiniin a few years they aim to bring electricity to the entire range, so we’ll have to say goodbye to the V12s we love so much.

The world is changing and even the cars we use every day will no longer be what they used to be. Like it or not, petrol cars are numbered, with all due respect to the romantics of the past. First of all, minus changes and the will of governments, manufacturers will have to focus on lowering prices, which currently makes it almost impossible to buy a fully electric car and say goodbye to normal power sources.

Cars, here are the most efficient electric

To date, Buying an electric car is still very difficult. Suffice it to say that to secure one, it is not possible to go below a price of 19,900, -, the price of Dacia Spring. Behind him is Renault Twing, which starts from a base of 21,950 euros, followed by the 25,200 euros of Volkswagen E-UP. With only 10 euros more you can buy one Smart Fortwo EQ, with driveline made of Mercedeswhile spending rises to 26,150 for those Fiat The 500.

There Fiat, in this sense he is working on the new Panda, which will represent a real revolution for the electrical world and for the history of this precise model. The shapes will definitely be more futuristic, it will take the form of a minivan, and above all, it must be accessible to everyone. The list price will therefore be much lower than its competitors.

As for the autonomy discoursea very dear topic in this period, there is one of the best performing cars in terms of the electric: we are talking about Mercedes EQS, which guarantees 785 km of autonomy and recharges in just 15 minutes to 80% thanks to compatibility with 200 kW charging stations.

Behind him is Tesla Model S, which can guarantee over 600 km of autonomy (637 to be exact). This is a true zero-emission supercar with a maximum power of 1020 horsepower and a top speed of 322 km / h. In third place is Ford Mustang Mach-E, with a range of 610 km. Impressive numbers for a technology that is gaining momentum.

As for the most affordable models for motorists, is Opel Corsa e-Elegance, followed by Volkswagen ID.3 1st edition Max. However, much remains to be done to encourage the purchase of an electric car, as prices are skyrocketing and infrastructure is still not level.

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