Vittorio Sgarbi turns 70: from Mughini to Mussolini the anthology of his quarrels (who has written TV history)

Vittorio Sgarbi turns 70 tomorrow. Art critic, politician, columnist and essayist from Emilia, who has been a member of the Folketing and various municipal administrations several times. Vittorio Sgarbi is many things, but above all he is for the public who loves controversy, every single one of his hosts on TV gets cult and he knows it. He who has created a TV genre without a script can boast of creating TV characters in this way, and that may be true. The one with Giampiero Mughini on the Maurizio Costanzo Show is only the latest fight in chronological order, but the critic’s career is a real summary of trashy strife.

Michele Bravi, Vittorio Sgarbi on the attack: “It’s all female.” The answer: “Medieval judgments”

Vittorio Sgarbi, his famous quarrels

It all begins in the distant past 1991. Sgarbi discusses with Roberto D’Agostino, Giuliano Ferrara’s guests at L’Istruttoria, who unprepared intervenes with a slap. ‘I’ve never been a comedian, he will be. He’s actually a poor comedian in decline. ‘ Vittorio is not there to be branded a comedian. “You make people laugh more than me, Professor, I still do not understand.” Sgarbi gets up furiously and D’Agostino does not let him repeat it twice, he also gets up and gives him a slap. Ferrara tried to split them, but from that moment on, the rise in Vittorio Sgarbi’s quarrels in TV talk is marked.

Vittorio Sgarbi and Giampiero Mughini, new match on Maurizio Costanzo Show: art critic ends up on earth

In ’92 against Mike Bongiorno

And if good morning starts in the morning, a curtain could not miss TeleMike, Mike Bongiorno’s 90s cult program. “I do not let you guide me, let me talk”, with a rebellious forehead and fists on the table Mike leaves the stage and says “this is crazy”, but also on this occasion Vittorio responds to the famous conductor “No you are crazy”. The discussion arose due to a controversial sentence in Sgarbi addressed to the Sicilian people, “Welcome the lava to destroy your houses”, Mike is harsh: “You should be ashamed. You must say poor thing.” “I do not say what you want “You are the triumph of rhetoric.”

Vittorio Sgarbi, his “goat, goat, goat!” becomes a brand of t-shirts and accessories

In 2002, it was Staffelli’s turn

Between one “goat” and the other, what Vittorio really does not love is the tapir. His reaction to the delivery of the statuette made by Valerio Staffelli in 2002the clip has been trending on social media for a very long time and the correspondent for Striscia la Notizia got a good slap.

The clash culminated with Mussolini

Then it’s up to Alessandra Mussolini. The two sit close together in 2006 columnists of La pupa e il secchione, leader Federica Panicucci. “Goose, mexxxa dare. Waffa ….”, Panicucci tries to cover the curtain with his arms while Mussolini drives the art critic crazy. “Ignorant and fascist.” Alessandra can no longer see us and beats him and then throws books at her. Vittorio, on the other hand, overturns everything he has found in front of him, and security steps in to share them with a presenter who no longer knew what to do, he lives after the show, but to give up his chair in that case was Alessandra Mussolini, who refuses to be close to “a maniac.” The transmission is blocked for about 20 minutes.

Vittorio Sgarbi and Giampiero Mughini, new match on Maurizio Costanzo Show: art critic ends up on earth

From Cecchi Paone to Mughini

Sgarbi either you love it or you hate it. And Cecchi Paone certainly does not love him. In it 2009 both guests on Saturday and Sunday, the critic (with hand gesture) could shout “Shut up” to the journalist sitting next to him.

Sgarbi ind 2014 also goes against Roberta Bruzzone: Snail! Who the hell are you? A goat!

Vittorio Sgarbi also strikes against David Perluigi 2015: You idiot, ignorant goat, coglxxne!“. And since then, his Capra has become a brand.

In it 2019 the first rags between Mughini and Sgarbi, in Italy tonight light up the evening. After various swear words, Mughini reacts by calling Vittorio something miserable. Then they get up and bump into each other with a chair in their hands and not exactly loving words.

It’s not D’Urso, Vittorio Sgarbi admits: “Sex with Eva Robins and someone else who is dead”

Barbara D’Urso chases him

In it 2020 then Barbara D’Urso also ended up in Sgarbi’s network. 5 afternoon guest Vittorio gives another of his to the viewers. “You broke the caxxo” Vittorio runs over to D’Urso, who throws him out of the studio, but he denies the curtain is a record. “You’re going away.”

He is a controversial character and certainly impossible to tame Vittorio Sgarbi, but in recent years he has shown to the sound of “tunes” (including “goats”, “vaffa” and “shut up”) that he has a lot breath, so no problem for him to turn off the 70 candles. Congratulations.

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