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Rome, May 7, 2022 – War in Ukrainethat latest news from day 73. All civilians were evacuated fromAzovstal steelworks in MariupolUkrainian sources announced that this was later confirmed by Moscow. The appeal of the commander of the Ukrainian Marines barricaded in the structure with the Azov troops is dramatic: “Let us not die”.

Breathless in the village of Belogorovka in Lugansk. Governor Serhiy Haidai reported that the Russians threw a bomb at a school: 90 people hid in the basement. Currently, about thirty have been rescued, but they are registered already two victims. Rescue operations continue, Haidai added in a message on Telegram.

The situation on the pitch is as fluid as ever, while the unknown is still in motion Putin to May 9 preparing to celebrate Victory Day. THATThe conflict is entering a “crucial phase”, but it Born he does not see one at this moment escalation with MoscowDeputy Secretary-General of the Atlantic Alliance, Mircea Geoana, said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

The German Foreign Minister will be in Kiev on 10 May. Annalena Bærbock: European Pravda reports it citing an anonymous source. Today there is the Ukrainian counter-offensive on Kharkiv. Instead, the Russians escalate the raids on Odessa. In the light of May 9, in fear of Russian attacks, I imposed total curfew throughout the Zaporizhzhia region. It will not be possible to leave from 19:00 tomorrow evening (18:00 in Italy) until 5 o’clock on Tuesday 10 May.

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Ukrainian artillery near Kharkiv (Ansa)
Ukrainian artillery near Kharkiv (Ansa)

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The Ukrainian armed forces are actually expanding counter-offensive in the eastern region of Kharkiv and could thus ease the pressure of the Russian army on that quadrant. Not only that: the Kiev units have taken back under their control several settlements north and east of Kharkiv, reducing Russia’s ability to threaten the regional center, according to what analysts from the American military think tank American Institute for write in a report. War studies. However, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports that in southern Ukraine it has been weapons and equipment supplied to the Kiev troops by the United States and Europe were destroyed in airstrikes. Among other things, Kiev reports that the Russian army bombed and blew up three road bridges in the eastern region of Kharkiv “to curb the counter-offensive actions of the units of the Ukrainian defense forces”.

The pieces of a Russian tank near Kiev (Ansa)
The pieces of a Russian tank near Kiev (Ansa)

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Four explosions hit an area near the village in the early hours of today din Varancau, in Transnistria: This was announced by the Interior Ministry of the pro-Russian separatist region of Moldova on the border with Ukraine, according to reports from Interfax. At least two drones, he specified, they flew over a military unit in Varancau. Last month, grenades were thrown at the State Security Ministry in the self-proclaimed capital of Transnistria, Tiraspol, Russian radio broadcasting masts were destroyed and a military unit near Tiraspol was hit.

“All women, children and the elderly were evacuated from the Azovstal steelworks.” This was stated by Ukrainian sources in the late afternoon, news confirmed in the evening by Moscow. Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Navy Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, barricaded with troops from the Azov regiment in the steelworks, writes a dramatic post on Facebook: “It looks like I was in a hell of a reality show where we is the military, we fight for our lives, we try every chance to save ourselves, and the whole world just sees an interesting story “, says his words. “The only difference is that this is not a movie and we are not fictional characters”, adds Volyna, “Higher powers, we are waiting for the result of your actions … time is running out and time is our life!”. The commander reveals that during the recent evacuation of civilians from the steelworks, three soldiers were killed and six others wounded.

Zelensky, for his part, assures us that every effort will be made to rescue the soldiers: “We are preparing for the second phase of the evacuation mission: the wounded and the doctors. If everyone respects the agreements. If there are no lies. And we are working to evacuate. our military. All the heroes in defense of Mariupol “.

The Ukrainian president knows that the operation “is extremely difficult. I’m sure everyone understands the root cause. But let’s not lose hope. We will not stop. Every day we are looking for a diplomatic opportunity that can work”. Late in the evening came the news that Kiev had asked MSF to organize a mission to evacuate and rescue wounded soldiers from the steelworks.

Russia today launched at least 6 missiles over Odessa Oblast, according to the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Some of the infrastructure has reportedly been damaged, but no injuries have been reported so far. Russian missiles also hit Kostiantynivka, in Donetsk Oblast, again, according to Kyiv, which speaks of an initial death toll of 2 dead and 9 wounded, but cites the state emergency service, according to which a fire in a local high school. “Strong explosions” have been reported in the Sumy region, in the Mykolaiv region and in the Khmelnytsky region.

The Ukrainian army claims to have repulsed eight Russian attacks Donbass. Kiev forces, Ukrainian media reported, reportedly destroyed three enemy tanks, eight artillery systems, seven armored combat vehicles, three special engineering units and one non-armored vehicle. The anti-aircraft, the Ukrainian armed forces add, would also have fired seven Orlan-10 drones into the sky in the disputed areas to the east. The British intelligence service notes that the Ukrainian forces have at least one of the most sophisticated Russian tanks, the T-90M, was destroyed, and notes that the conflict inflicts heavy losses on some of the most capable units of the Russian military, and that it will take Moscow a long time to rebuild its armed forces after the conflict. In its update, the London Ministry of Defense explains that the T-90M was introduced in 2016 and that around 100 units are currently in operation. It will be particularly difficult for Russia to replace sophisticated equipment such as the T-90M tank due to Western sanctions restricting Russia’s access to key microelectronic components.

While Zelensky would be ready for victims of Crimea to stop the war, NATO’s stop comes with Secretary Jens Stoltenberg declaring: NATO will never accept the illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia. Meanwhile, the pro-Russian leader and head of the Autonomous Government of the Republic of Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014, Sergey Aksyonovclaimed that the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson “it was liberated from nationalists“and from “Control of Kiev”. In an interview published by the Russian agency Sputnikassured Aksyionov that “today there are no Ukrainian authorities conducting inspections or checks of documents. Life in the Kherson region will be peaceful again.” Civil-military administrations have been formed in the regions – he continued – the deployment of Russian television and radio channels have begun and commercial relations with Crimea have been restored “. Kherson is a city located in southern Ukraine, the capital of the oblast of the same name, which rises near the mouth of the Dnieper River, on the banks of the Black Sea, a short distance from the Crimea.

The intelligence from the United States to Ukraine is “Legitimate, legal, limited”. Pentagon spokesman said John Kirby, asked about the Washington Post’s revelations that US intelligence was helping Kiev kill Russian generals who fell during the ongoing conflict and sink the missile cruiser Moscow. At a press conference, Kirby did not confirm the rumors, saying that it is Ukraine that “makes the decisions” on how to use the confidential information it receives.

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President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeauhad a telephone conversation in which they stressed their commitment to hold Russia responsible for its invasion of Ukraine and discussed efforts to provide assistance for the security of the country. This was reported in a note from the White House. Biden and Trudeau also discussed their upcoming participation at the Summit of the Americas in June in Los Angeles.

“I have authorized $ 150 million in weapons, additional equipment and supplies from the United States to Ukraine to strengthen its defenses to counter the Russian offensive in the east ”. This was announced by the US Secretary of State on Twitter. Antony Blinken. The new package was anticipated by US President Joe Biden, who stressed that “for Ukraine to succeed in this phase of the war, its international partners, including the US, must continue to show unity and determination to maintain the flow of weapons and ammunition in Kiev, without interruption ”.

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