Trend 2022: how our domestic space will change

How will our homes change during 2022? Which one tendency will they assert themselves more powerfully in the coming months? We should expect an invasion of color Very Peri? For those who still do not know, it is the color that Pantone has chosen as the color of the year, a special shade of violet that has its roots in the digital world.

The answer is yes, but not only according to what the trend forecaster had predicted Lisa Whiteinterviewed in October last year for Living Design Issue. “There will be new attention to colors that promote our well-being. Natural tones in the home will reflect the growing attraction to the outdoors. On the other hand, I also want to be important saturated and inspiring colorslike the ‘optimistic yellow’, and after spending so much time on the screens, digital colors emerge. A key tone for 2023 will be ‘digital lavender’: calm and regenerating, it looks good in real life as well as in the most futuristic renditions ».


And it’s straight from report recently published by WGSNthe trend forecasting agency that Lisa White instructs, to highlight some interesting trends that we will see at home. Starting from Bedrooma private space that is increasingly transforming and incorporating other features: As a backdrop for the videos we publish on social media, even the wall of the room where we sleep ends up conveying information about us and our tastes to our interlocutors.

It will be for this reason that according to WGSN in the interior design sector, a key theme for 2022 will certainly be personalization: environments that are increasingly well taken care of, that know how to communicate to others (though only virtually) our tastes and passions, and which at the same time can give us a sense of well-being.

Softness, curved lines and enveloping materials: objects and furniture must communicate comfort and tranquility. No coincidence, it’s time for quilted fabrics: reasons’ tufted will include pillows, rugs, car interiors and more.

trend-interior-2022-11.Tufted Textures

And if the digital affects reality, the opposite is inevitable. WGSN is talking about ‘Digital Hygge’a kind of high-tech version of the ‘cosiness’ concept, which will spread hyperrealistic spaces online inspired by comfortable interior, complete with an armchair, fireplace, spinning cat and the sound of rain.

An atmosphere that we do not struggle to imagine looking at the ethereal interior of the house, as the artist Andres Reisinger designed for the meta-verse, unveiled just a few days ago. An oasis of peace, plagued by only one thought: Will it end in the same way as the NFT furniture collection (including the famous Hortensia chair), created by the artist and auctioned for star figures?

We will see. What is certain, at least according to WGSN, is that our homes are getting greener and greener. The growing interest in gardening among the very young seems to be increasing: everyone is crazy about indoor plants, including trees, of course small, to create a sense of green even inside. “By taking the idea of ​​’plant breeding’ to a higher level, more and more people in 2022 will want to bring nature indoors by growing plants in their living room or at least on the balcony.”

And there is no doubt that a greater use of our interior will also have an impact on the exterior. That collaboration space they will have to find a way to attract people to return. “The physical workspace becomes less about productivity and more about human interaction. When they have to provide meaningful experiences to meet the needs of their employees, they are based on hospitality ».

trend-interior-2022-12.Indoor trees

So be careful not to underestimate room scents. Called ‘Scentscaping’ and it is the power of perfume to create feelings and sensations attached to a place, a phenomenon which – they note from WGSN – «came to the fore after the pandemic. Developers are planning fragrant buildings to attract tenants and influence their decisions “.

Also interesting that data emerged from the last report Pinterest Predicts. The platform, based on the most frequent searches recorded during the year, aims to predict the topics that will be successful in various areas, from beauty to fashion. In home decor, there is a tendency to create a safe space inside your home where you can express your feelings, such as. a ‘space of emotions’where you can let off steam, isolate yourself, play.

And speaking of rooms, 2022 will also be time for revenge the less noble spaces as garage and washing clothes, highly organized and hyperfunctional. “In 2022, the house’s somewhat forgotten space will be the heart of social life and the protagonists of luxury makeovers on the impetus of millennials and generation X”. Also Pinterest agrees with the success of greenincluding garden stairs, backpack pots, bio-felt interiors and flower ceilings.


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