The style of the interior of Parisian houses

When it comes to Parisian houses and specifically theirs interior there are very specific elements that immediately come to mind: from the color of the walls to the type of flooring that passes through the furniture. The style of the French capital is based on precise coordinates that also manage to unite different types of homes located in the most diverse arrondissements, from large apartments to French study.

Before proceeding, it is advisable to take a step back. If the branches can be multiple, the basis is in all probability well defined: it is Revolution Haussmansk started in 1852. Although society and the values ​​it refers to have undoubtedly changed almost two centuries later – especially for the monumentality of the spaces – this major rebuilding operation is fundamental to defining the urban planning of Paris as we know it today, ie modern, functional and organized. But not only: this project should be mentioned for the fact that it involved all aspects of the city from the roads to the sewers, through the infrastructures and not least for home And private apartments.

But what is so special about Parisian interiors today?

The interior of Parisian houses: the properties

Tradition always plays an important role when it comes to Parisian interiors, as does elegance and the ability to combine modern and old easily, without seeming too nostalgic or dated. Vintage is enhanced with a look at the modern in a unique blend based on the vision of the transalpine capital.

The heterogeneity of the styles

The interior of Parisian houses was primarily characterized by a choice that might perhaps be considered too bold elsewhere: mix different styles between them through the combination of elements belonging to historical periods, even very distant from each other, such as ancient ornaments placed on modern tables. The result, the fruit of a study patientis an effortless mix and match that communicates naturalness and easy living.

Classically and contemporary, therefore, two worlds are no longer separated by a rigid regulatory wall, but can be combined, if not even superimposed.

Walls and surfaces in Parisian houses

As for the colors of the walls and flooring typical of Parisian houses, these can be traced back to two simple but still effective elements. The most popular color for the interior is actually white: eternal and transverse, this color allows you to improve the other aspects of the home, while maintaining a rigorous and minimally invasive profile. In fact, white adapts to both modern environments and more classic interior design elements while preserving a harmony basically.

Another extremely popular color is L ‘gold, although the household details are clearly spoken here. Decorations, frames, etc. details of the furniture with this chrome plating is enhanced by the aforementioned white on the walls, giving the inhabited space charm and linearity.

When it comes to coatings, the most classic choice for the interior of Parisian houses is definitely wood parquet. Placed in a herringbone pattern and used in its various variations – such as bleached oak or traditional chrome plating – it fits seamlessly into the refined concept of harmony.

The interior of Parisian houses: the environments

Regardless of the big one urbanization of Paris – as well as many other cities – have madefrances apartmentand medium that is increasingly limited in terms of square meters and spaces to manage, there are some typical features that can be found in different structures. If for Stay we have already mentioned some known features, such as the typical boiserie, however there are other elements to report, such as the use of blanket, often oriented on white or similar colors to give uniformity to the room, the color of the walls continues. If necessary, the sofa is placed at an angle to favor the spatial decor or alternatively, when possible, in the middle of the room, where the models with the typical rounded shape give dynamism and liveliness to the space.

The other homes in the Parisian house

That bedrooms they are often characterized by soft colors and attention to brightness – whether natural or artificial – with the insertion of lamps or a large window, in the vicinity of which there is a reading chair and some contrasting metallic details.

Similar measures are often used when setting up bathrooms of Parisian houses, where next to the bathtub there is often a large mirror hanging over the concrete or ceramic sink. The result is one well-maintained environment and again a pleasant and inhabited place. The kitchen it often hosts wooden shelves with classic references.

In the opening image: The modern living room in an apartment in Paris renovated by Nathalie Eldan, from the Atelier NEA studio

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