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After high school the time has come – for those who have not yet done so – to choose their own path. The supply of postgraduate diplomas is huge, but what really matters in the decision is to follow one’s interests and reconcile them with the demands of the working world. Points e.g. about the so-called “professions of the future”. Have you never heard of it? It’s about them work in new technologies, media and other key areaswhich are indispensable for innovative companies or for companies that need to quickly adapt to the digital revolution underway.

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One of these is Media designerthe one who combines programming skills with creativity and who can use his skills in many areas: from the web and new media to cinema, television, commercials and video games. In short, a figure that is highly sought after by companies and with excellent employment opportunities, to which IED – European Institute of Design has dedicated an ad hoc course, based in Rome, which allows you to develop the most important skills to get there immediately into the world of work .. Location data confirms this. Find out more!

Media design in IED, a course that makes you find work

The IED Rome Media Design course has a 100% placement rate after only 5 months from graduation. How is such a unique result achieved? Admittedly, as we have seen Media designer it is in high demand by companies from different sectors. But it’s not just about that. Because during the course, the student is accompanied by IED step by step into the world of work. Career Services Office it organizes individual meetings to develop the right approach to the future of post-graduate and build a competitive curriculum vitae and portfolio. In addition, during the year Career talk, training opportunities with recruitment professionals who teach how to meet a selection interview and learn more about the creative industries sector. With Virtual career fairfinally, students have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the many companies involved and participate in interviews.

Working as a media designer: from CONI to Ubisoft and WFP, the stories of successful graduates

Shortly said, work as a media designer You can. But maybe, if you just finished high school, you still do not imagine the career opportunities you can get by acquiring these skills. Like those of some former students who could be an inspiration to you. Let’s take for example Gianlucagraduated in 2020: only 24 days after the diploma in media design in IED he entered United Nations World Food Program as UX / UI, Motion Graphic, Visual and Graphic Designer. Not happy, he also created his own startup. Elena – who completed the course in 2019 – after an experience at IBM as UX Designer, today he is a media designer at Fabricaa research center in communication with an international approach founded in Treviso by Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani. Ceciliaalso graduated in 2019, immediately began collaborating as Digital Art Director for a famous food delivery app; after moving to Barcelona, ​​she worked as Product designer and today is busy again in a world of video games, collaborating with Ubisoft as an experience designer. And what about Silvia? A few days after completing his studies, he began his professional adventure in CONIuntil today covers the role of Social Media Manager of the subsidiary Sport e Salute.

How to become a media designer

If you dream of a job like that done by Gianluca, Elena, Cecilia or Silviaand you have finally chosen to become one Media designeryour way is IED Rome Media Design course.
The course takes three years and ends with the thesis project, where you can measure yourself with the acquired skills and knowledge, develop a project independently and mature your own expressive identity.
During the three-year period, you will be able to tailor your course of study by choosing from any specializations, training activities of your choice, as well as additional activities such as workshops, competitions, seminars, special projects and cross-cutting activities. That IED teaching method is based on learning by doingon teamwork and a strong interdisciplinary approach, as well as on constant dialogue with companies and with the rest of the IED environment.
You learn to use the “tools of the subject”. Media designer among the most avant-garde, necessary for the design of content for the sectors of game design, app design, interaction design and web design. THAT IED computer labs are equipped with the most important software (including Figma, MAX SP, Unreal Engine, Resolume Arena and Flutter). In addition to the computer labs, students have access to viewers, laser heads and other useful tools for realizing installations.

Media Design IED: study with the most established professionals

The teaching is entrusted to a teaching staff selected from among professionals and experts who are recognized in their professional and disciplinary areas. Who work in sectors that many young people are attracted to for passion without knowing that they can be a goldmine at work. A few examples?

  • Max Giovagnoli, coordinator of the media design course, is a true pioneer in trans media in Italy, who has collaborated with major entertainment companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Fox and Lucky Red and with television stations. He is also the author of novels and fiction and the cinema director of the Romics and Cartoons on the bay (RAI) festivals and the scientific director of the Virtual Reality Experience Festival.
  • Diego Sacchetti, game developer and game designer, founded the indie brand Morbidware and is dedicated to developing video games for various platforms. His “The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bible”, released with Headup Games in February 2019, has won several international awards.
  • Franz Rosati, electronic musician, sound and visual artist, creative technologist, produces audio / video live sets presented at Italian and international festivals, up to the creation of music for events and fashion shows related to brands, including Gucci.
  • Andrea Caperni, Senior Digital Art Director, is Senior Designer at Sketchin, an international design studio with offices in 4 countries. Previously, he collaborated in the development of integrated visual identities (UX, UI) and digital communication and promotion strategies (web, app) for Poste Italiane, Enel Energia, Radio Dimensione Suono, Sony Pictures Italia, Heineken.
  • Alice Fellonivisual designer, expert in architectural video mapping, video art and stage mapping, she has worked for brands such as Costa Crociere, Ichnusa, Heineken, Formula E, Mediaset, Rai, Fendi, Tim, Sky and the collaboration in the realization of concerts by i.a. artists on the Italian stage such as Stadio, Venditti, Noemi, Alessandra Amoroso, Michele Zarrillo and Loredana Bertè.
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