The new edition of Graphic Days® is dedicated to the “lost” sense of touch

It is easy to ignore it as it is a very common term and in everyday use but touch that’s a pretty weird word. Its origin is onomatopoeic, and its root lies in it toc which produces the knuckles when they knock. Therefore, one will fully accept the etymological origin, touch arises by announcing oneself, asking for permission, in the hope of receiving acceptance. I’m here, I manifest, I want to enter.

It is just as strange that in this year and a half of the pandemic, almost all the personal limitations and fears have been associated with just that. toc, both in the sense of accessing a place and in the strict sense of touching something or someone: hugging, giving hand, kissing, cuddling. Actually enter withtact has been and still is partially taboo.

Therefore, there could not have been a better theme to once again welcome the Turin, Italian and international audiences to the new edition of Graphic Days®international festival dedicated to visual design born in Turin five years ago thanks to the intuition of Press Club Turinwhich had the merit of making the event one of the central appointments, in the field of graphics in all its forms, nationally and abroad.
is accurate Touchin fact, the concept, which serves as a common thread throughout the festival’s program, which will evolve from 16 to 26 September with exhibitions, workshops, an exhibition market and two meetings.

Eyes on Ukraine
(with courtesy: Graphic Days®)

Touch is many things: a whole range of sensations and experiences: touching, teasing, hitting, tickling. You touch to get to know, discover, build, interact, get excited, orient yourself, activities that will certainly not be lacking for those who visit and participate in the festival, who are able to involve all the senses.
We will have to explore the graphics and illustration of a country that we do not know much about visual culture, namely Ukraine, the main character of the main exhibition, Eyes on Ukraine, in turn divided into three different sections; we will have to orient ourselves among the new languages ​​in Italian visual design, with a selection of the 100 works that are the result of the call Neology; to then lose the compass again inside Darkroom experienceboth physical and mental place full of «immersive projections, stroboscopic light shows, interactive installations»; We mix design and people instead, it is an invitation to explore the very current theme of “social design”, with projects starting from the individual and reaching the entire planet, crossing topics such as health and accessibility, relationships, social and gender differences, racism, immigration, cultural identity and environment; the exhibition is aimed at the emotions that the hands express Many Mani by illustrator Cecilia Campironi; while it is eventually dedicated to the changing relationship with the body – ours and others’ The body does not lieexhibition of works produced by female students from the course in visual communication in the summer semester 2021, held at the Faculty of Design and Art, Bolzano Free University, directed by Giorgio Camuffo, with Emanuela De Cecco and Andrea Facchetti.

Dark Room Experience
(with courtesy: Graphic Days®)
Cecilia Campironi, “Mange Mani”
(with courtesy: Graphic Days®)

In addition to all this, there will also be an exhibition of the 40 works selected from the new edition of Posterheroe’s international competition.
And so far we are “only” at the exhibitions, to which, as already mentioned, the many workshops (where the hands will obviously be at work all the time) and the market exhibition (25 and 26 September), where, among other things. see – but above all browse – productions by independent publishers, artists and artisans, which are 5X Letterpress and Clandestine Fake Books, Archivio Tipografico, Bolopaper, Bottega Fagnola, Ciao. La Discoteca Italiana, Cose A Caso Design, Illustation, La Tipografia Toscana, Lepalle, Lupi Gentili, Medulla, Megazinne, Morsi Editore, My Name Is Bri, Officina Typo, Press Press, Stamperia D’Arte Busato og Tapirulan (mange, mange ” old ”acquaintances of Frizzifrizzi, therefore).

Turin Print Club Workshop
(with courtesy: Graphic Days®)

“We wanted to address the issue of reconnecting the senses in visual communication: a look at the near future where we will be able to experience what surrounds us through 360-degree sensuality. Stay in touch is one of our slogans, and to achieve it we leave our head office, which has hosted us since the first edition: Coworking toolboxto meet the citizens and the territory, “they explain Fabio Guida And Ilaria Reposodealing with the artistic coordination of Graphic Days®.
The festival program is actually expanding the whole city of Turin: it has already done so in recent weeks with the rebuilding of via Durandi, in the village of San Donato, and will do so on 17 September with In the citya kind of festival within the festival, where Turin’s creative studios and cultural institutions will arrange meetings, exhibitions and presentations.
Speaking of meetings: Graphic Days® will host an inevitable international symposium on the historic Nebiolo foundry and a meeting for the presentation of the foundation documenting Gianfranco Torris’ graphic and cultural activity.

Who can, go. With wide-open eyes, the mind transformed into a hyperabsorbent sponge and the hands ready to touch, ideally or materially, and to discover.

(with courtesy: Graphic Days®)

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