The inconvenient truths that “Vailettrico does not tell”

The inconvenient truths that “Vailettrico does not tell”

The inconvenient truths that Vaielettrico wanted to hide. Two readers write to us, accusing us of not telling the truth about network failures and charging times. Vaielelektrisk he answers. We remind you that questions should be sent to

unpleasant severityThe inconvenient truths: the columns are few and the state can not lose the gas taxes

“Hor read the answers you gave to the outburst from a motorist who wants to return to the internal combustion engine. I will find your answers really disturbing. First of all, it is important to perform a capillary distribution of columns charging before launching full electric or plug-in cars at full blast. I remind you that with the exception of the Po Valley and Tavoliere delle Puglie, Italy inconvenient truthsit is a completely mountainous country. Finding gas stations is easy, while it is not at all to find working and free charging stations (for me the nearest is approx. 15 km from home). Now I ask you a question: all the billions that the state collects with excise duties on diesel and petrol where will you find them in the future? It is time to give citizens some answers to this. I await your kind reply. Beppe Veniani.

inconvenient truths
Charging points in Italy per. 31/3 (graphics from Motus-e)

Electric cars are charged at home

Reply. It is us who find your questions really confusing. Let us start from the first with reference to the scarce capillarity of the pillars. Maybe you do not know who is buying an electric car today typically charges up at home, even with the normal power of 3 kW. It does this by leaving the car plugged in overnight when electricity costs less and there is no overload from other household appliances. Public charging points in Italy are now one share 28 thousand, which are not very few, and are rising day by day. But to these, we repeat, all private business as Italians who own an electric or plug-in hybrid are connected. We always write that if you do not have a private outlet (or alternatively a nearby and accessible public column), the electric car does not have to be bought. Also because charging at home is cheaper, and with the recent increases in energy, one needs to be aware of these aspects.

inconvenient truths
Electric car powered by sustainable generation: a utopia?

We will have to do this by producing more from renewable energy

As for the billions that the state collects from excise duties on petrol and diesel, we are honestly not worried. Firstly because in Italy there are 200 thousand electric machinesand in the light of a circulating park of 38 million cars and it will take years before it seriously affects public finances. But above all because health in our opinion comes before any income statement. Our dream is to see an Italy where yes self-producing from renewable sources a good portion of the energy consumed. Even for machines. Countries not far away and not so different from ours, like Spain and Portugal, they already do. And according to Enel’s calculations, Italy would have the potential to produce wind and water itself. 70% of what it consumes. Are we dreamers? Maybe. But we dream with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Convinced that an expensive material like oil can be used for much more noble purposes than burn it in an engine.

The Inconvenient Truths / I’m a surgeon, I would be crazy to buy an electric one

S.well it’s commendable to push for the electric, you do not have to make fun of people climb on the mirrors. Either the operating charging points increase markedly, otherwise too moment does not talk about it. From the rich northeast, Vittorio Veneto-Conegliano, I would love to choose electric now. And the one who tells me that I have to change habits, with the work I do (surgeon), I consider him a mental dissociate. Giorgio Mazzarolo.


Reply. Dear doctor, why get so hot? No one is forcing her to buy an electric one. If you need a car for your work, you must refuel in minutes and also give thousand km autonomy, Battery-powered cars are not for you. At least right now. We have never argued otherwise.

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