TFA support VII cycle, pre-selection canceled at some universities. All are admitted directly to the written test

TFA support VII cycle, pre-selection canceled at some universities.  All are admitted directly to the written test

TFA VII cycle support: there are some circumstances where the preselective test, the first of the three passed for admission to the course, does not take place. These are some personal situations that allow for exemption from the test and a single collective situation that gives everyone direct access to the written test.

Requirements for access to TFA support VII cycle


• May 24, 2022 kindergarten exams;

• May 25, 2022 elementary school exams;

• May 26, 2022 high school exams In degree;

• May 27, 2022 high school exams.

Calls from universities with a deadline for submitting an application.

The information about the place and times of the call, as well as about the documents that must be brought to complete the test, is provided by the universities.

Who can request dispensation from the preselective test

Aspiring beneficiary law 104/92

§ 20 pcs. 2-bis, in Law No 104/92 provides that in public competitions and for qualification for profession A disabled person with a disability equal to or greater than 80% is not obliged to take the preselective sample that may be intended.

Candidates who have passed the pre-selection test on the 6th cycle

Despite art. 4 pcs. 4 of the Decree of 8 February 2019, n.92, the candidates who have passed the preselective test in the sixth cycle, but who due to submission of health measures for the prevention of COVID-19 (isolation and / or quarantine, acc. provisions of the reference legislation) have not been able to take the additional tests, will be admitted directly to the written test.

Aspirants with service on support

Similarly, applicants who have completed at least three years of service within the previous ten years, even if they are not coherent, have direct access to the written test or tests. on the specific support item of the degree of education to which the procedure refers. Thus, Article 2 (1) provides: 8, in Legislative Decree no. 22/2020, amended to Act no. 41/2020.

NB Is it possible to consider the school year 2021/22? We talk about it in this article where we gather the different indications from the universities.

Preselective test result is not average

As stated in the memorandum of 13 August 2020, the score for the pre-selection test for all types of candidates admitted directly to the written test does not count towards preparing the ranking of those admitted to the course.

When pre-selection does not take place

Apart from the individual case of exemption, the only case where the pre-selection test does not take place and therefore all applicants who have submitted an application are directly admitted to the written test is that where the number of candidates registered for the selection enrollment, in relation to the individual school class, is less than or equal to twice the number of vacancies.

This can of course be decided after the registration closes.

Some universities have already closed the calls, and it was therefore possible to calculate the number of applications submitted.

The largest number of deadlines is set for next weektherefore, after the deadline, it is advisable to consult the reference university’s website for further announcements.

Here are the universities where the preselective exam does not take place [ELENCO IN AGGIORNAMENTO]


Unimore: childhood – primary – first class secondary –


LUMSA – Note – no pre-selection for kindergarten, primary school, 1st grade after school


Bari – it is possible to follow the daily update of the number of submitted applications live. The submission of the application expires at 23.59 on 12 May 2022. The situation must be monitored


CAGLIARI – the application expires on May 10, 2022. To date (May 5) – writes the University – the number of applications submitted for participation in the competition for some school grades is less than double the number of vacancies.
Situation to monitor

ATTENTION: in this case, by analogy with the provisions of the MUR concerning candidates exempted from the pre-selection test, the candidates directly admitted to the written test in relation to the number of candidates entered in the selection may not stand in the same way, an application to attend other universities.

NB The page may not be updated in real time. Official information is intended solely as that published on the websites of the respective universities.

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