Porto Recanati, Recanati and Loreto sign the “Terre d’oltre” protocol

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07/05/2022 – At the start of “Terre d’oltre” a network of culture, food and wine and spirituality between the municipalities of Loreto, Recanati and Porto Recanati with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Mayors of the three cities for synergistic promotion of the territory.

The Mayor of Recanati Antonio Bravi, Loreto Moreno Pieronis and the Mayor of Porto Recanati Andrea Michelini today signed the important Memorandum of Understanding, which recognizes the centrality that tourism and culture can assume for the economic and social development of the three municipalities.

“Recanati Loreto and Porto Recanati have common roots, in history they were a single territory, a single diocese – said Bravi – based on the historical, cultural, landscape and socio-economic affiliations,” Terre d’Oltre “will be able to Tourists tell the story of an entire territory in the declensions of the numerous identity properties and specificities that have characterized their development over time. “The new network will enable us to implement planned efforts to expand the offer and guarantee a broader and more intense tourist and cultural experience for visitors”.

A network that stems from the need for a more efficient range of services to better strengthen the region’s cultural, artistic and landscape heritage. “Thanks to this association, from today it will certainly be easier to think of creating a common flow of tourists between places that can complement each other with their special characteristics and give life to an excellent promotional offer – said Pieroni – Porto Recanati with its coast tailored to young people and families, Recanati as a leopard city steeped in poetry and culture, Loreto with its sanctuary, a beacon for the world’s devoted tourism. More and more municipalities are creating networks to optimize the reciprocity of their presence. which I believe in winning and which I had also spent myself on as a regional tourism council with flattering results.In this panorama, the agreement created with “Terre d’Oltre” is undoubtedly one of the most interesting in the Marches, given the excellence , represented by our three municipalities, each in their own sector ».

“The Memorandum of Understanding represents the culmination of deliberations made over time between local administrators,” said Michelini, “a network designed to highlight the file rouge that inextricably binds the territories of the municipalities of Recanati, Porto Recanati and Loreto, which identify themselves. even in the historical roots of a population that comes from the same origin, has been the subject of a development that has produced so many cultural, social and economic riches that, directed in the right direction, can be a driving force for further enrichment of the same territories.The creation of a new socio-economic-cultural development model that combines the various competitive factors present today becomes an opportunity and at the same time a need to trigger a good economic-cultural development.

The protocol contains provisions on the establishment of a control room consisting of the members of the respective municipalities’ culture and tourism council for the establishment of joint initiatives, qualification of the tourist offer and for the improvement of additional services. “After uniting Recanati and Macerata in the name of culture with a single ticket from the museums of the two cities, the bridge we want to build is now with the municipalities of Loreto and Porto Recanati – said the cultural council of the municipality. By Recanati Rita Soccio – our goal is to network with other municipalities on concrete and feasible proposals to best strengthen the artistic and cultural beauties and thus promote the whole territory.Tourists who come to our “Terre d’Oltre” will be able to find a complete offer right from culture , to spirituality, to the sea and to food and wine.With the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding, we aim not only to encourage arrivals but also to seasonally adjust the flow of visitors thanks to the rich and diversified cultural offerings that our territories offer “.

“Today we have laid the first stone on a road that we are sure will go a long way – said the cultural councilor of Loreto Francesca Carli municipality – as an administration we have worked hard for the foundation of this network. We have especially with conviction invested in activating the shuttle bus between our three municipalities, as we consider it the most efficient way to circulate the area’s tourist presence. In addition to the internationally recognized reputation that our city has in the field of religious tourism, we are also happy to network the important cultural events of national caliber that we organize every year ».

“The aim is to create a tourist, cultural, social and economic intervention that can be based on an innovative model of integrated cultural heritage management – said the Mayor of Tourism of Porto Recanati Giuseppe Casali -” Terre d’Oltre “In fact, due to its dimensional and functional characteristics, it aims to strengthen the knowledge of local communities and gain the attention of an extra-regional public that can be attracted by the significant legacy of expertise spread across the area where the three municipalities are located “.

The meeting was attended by historians, art critics, tourism experts and entrepreneurs, including: Marco Moroni from Polytechnic University of Marche, Paolo Mario Galassi, art critic, Giuseppe Perfetti, chairman of Centro Studi Portorecanatesi, Sandrino Bertini, chairman of Bcc of Recanati and Colmurano, Gmur , Chairman of the Carilo Foundation, Massimo Paolucci, Marketing Director of the Riviera del Conero and Colli dell’Infinito, Giuseppe Casali, CEO of the Pigini Group and Tecnostampa, Francesco Lucantoni, Head of IIS Einstein-Nebbia, Valentina Giorgetti, Vice President of the Lauretane Lay Works Foundation , and Viviana Manganaro social media manager.

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