“Olive Type”, the Lorenzo Marini exhibition is an opportunity to reread Adriano Olivetti’s visionary culture

IVREA – Lorenzo Marinimaster in type art, celebrates the inherent beauty of the letters in an exhibition curated by Luca Beatriceby title Olive type, housed in the former headquarters Olivetti, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ivrea.

The exhibition marks the beginning of ICO Valleythe Italian human digital hub where a space re-functionalization project is underway.

Lorenzo Marini’s exhibition, with his released letters, is perfectly placed in the project: everywhere the reference to the humanistic culture of Adriano Olivetti, a symbol of democratic design, culture, innovation and beauty that always respects man. And marks the first date for Ivrea Italy’s Book Capital 2022 and the events that will celebrate the vision of society from the Olivetti era.

To welcome the visitor, at the entrance to the Palazzo Uffici, an immersive installation, the font, which invites you to take a walk among the letters and reread them in a modern way. “More than a century after the invention of the system of alphanumeric keyboards used in our computers, typewriters and mobile phones, the disorder appears in the released letters “- tells the artist Lorenzo Marini. – “No more standard layout, no more monochrome, no more specific keys. Here, each keyboard becomes a cube, each letter is characterized by a color. Here the dimension is no longer made for our hands, but for our body. Finally a keyboard where we can walk, listen to the ticking that becomes note, composition, rhythm. The journey inside this revisited keyboard suggests a new awareness of each letter used daily. And also a relationship between the individual letters. Welcome, broken keyboard. “

That works, 36 as the keyboard dice and as the legendary Olivetti Lettera 22they hover, suspended, between earth and sky, and invite reflection on their visual communicative significance, in search of new alphabets, imaginative, mysterious, playful, childlike, and at the same time highly conceptual.

As he tells Luca Beatrice: “Lorenzo Marini belongs to the not too many family of transversal artists, who started from a specific experience and achieved a different result through intellectual curiosity. I am thinking of Depero or Munari, interpreters of art as language and imagination at the same time. I thought of Lorenzo to suggest an intervention in the Olivetti architecture of Ivrea, the only example of Unesco recognition for the twentieth century and not for the historical heritage. The study of style, the modernist elegance of the characters, the inclusion of visual talents at the highest level, has in fact given the Olivetti brand a unique status that Marini has long reflected on and offers a topical and convincing interpretation.“.

The exhibition is an opportunity to re-read not only Adriano Olivetti’s visionary culture, but also the architectural heritage, a fusion between the works and the space for an innovative improvement and use of the Olivetti heritage, which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

I have always thought of an exhibition to promote Olivetti architectures, places of progress where beauty comes to light, spaces other than a museum or an art gallery where work and thought, past and future are intertwined. ” – Narrator Virginia Tiraboschi, ICO Valley Committee Manager. – “Lorenzo Marini immediately fascinated me with his multifaceted profile: advertiser, author and artist. Marini was born analog – everyone knows the keys to the many Olivetti typewriters – but sees the transformation of his digital artistic work as an inevitable cultural consequence of our time. The exhibition ideally promotes the centrality of man with all his thoughts, worries, worries, joys, passions and is among the most appropriate languages ​​to pursue the concept of well-being.“.

Among the exhibition’s partners, the Association Olivetti Historical Archive:In the Archive, we store over 650 different fonts from Olivetti’s innovation history, which have been written in different eras and with a range of products. ” declares Gaetano Adolfo Maria of Tondo, President. “Color, design, form, aesthetics were fundamental elements of the success summed up with 16 Compassi d’Oro. As chairman of the Olivetti Historical Archives Association, I therefore always see positive developments and creative research that can update relevant historical paths in our history, in total context with what we do every day.“.



Office building 1, Via Jervis 77, Ivrea

open on weekends (10.00 / 18.00) until 5 June 2022

For information: www.icovalley.it/

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